August 7, 2012

Adventures of Gnome part 2

Gnome went to Colorado with me and visited some awesome places. As in, awe inspiring places.

Gnome in Amarillo, Texas, where we spent the night on the road.

Gnome outside of the Craft Shack in Estes Park, CO. He's on a swing.

 Gnome at Mills Lake. It was quite and hike, but the view was worth it!

 Obviously at Four Corners!

Gnome at the Watchtower at the Grand Canyon. It was rainy.

I had an amazing time and made amazing memories and went to amazing places!


So, remember how I had a ponytail of epic proportions? Also, how I didn't wear makeup ever? Whenever I tried to seriously put on makeup, mustashes appeared on my face. It was strange.

This was from the other night. Now....

Are you shocked?? Totally fab if I do say so myself. My hairdresser and the lady at Clinique were both great. I apologize that I'm so darn terrible at selfies!

I'm gonna go see The Dark Knight Rises again tonight, but nobody I've asked to come with me has been able to make it, so it'll be me and the sisters. That's still mega-fun!

School started yesterday, and the nice, cute boy that I wanted to be in my class wasn't. *tear* Oh well! Those are just so rare! Anyway, history and literature both start at 1850 and go through the present day! That means The Great Gatsby and the Roaring Twenties next semestre! I bes so happy!

Lemme know what you think!

ooh shiny!

The lovely Lauren is hosting a fantastic giveaway over at her place! I just wanted to let y'all know! She's giving away Finding Neverland: a great movie and fun accessories, one of which I believe she made herself! very cool. Head over there!

I have a mega surprise for my readers, but I need to get some good pictures. You should be looking forward to it!!

~bBj (I seriously almost put my real name!)