September 13, 2013


I've been quite inspired recently.


Seeing as I finally got around to posting on here, something must have changed.

Maybe because the school year has started, bringing responsibility and schedule. I don't feel like that is the reason, simply because my Senior year hit me up out of the blue. I knew it was coming, but forgot, kept it at bay.

My summer was perfect. I slept and snoozed and napped and ate and swam and partied and rocked out and laughed and goofed and fooled around and watched television and practically lived at my friend's house. It was just what I needed.

But August came anyway. It does that, doesn't it?

And I was glad. Don't get me wrong. I want change. I like change. I need change. But I was also scared. I mean, who isn't when their Senior year rolls around? Sure I'm excited! I see the opportunities and also the end.

So August was a month of guessing for me. Should I be focused? Colleges? Be lazy or productive? *sigh*

Slowly, THINGS started happening.

My sister left for college. It made me think.

I was cast as the titular character in our drama club's fall play.

I finally began dance classes.

My friend KeKeJ came to visit.

And when THINGS happen to me, I make other THINGS happen. It's a cycle. Laziness leads to more laziness and productivity to more productivity. I may not have appeared to have been particularly productive these last few weeks, but believe me, it's all building up in me. The inspiration. I'm about to let loose.

Take dance, for example. I've been wanting to dance since I saw a clogging troupe at an amusement park when I was four or something. Then, seeing Singin' in the Rain sealed the deal. I wanted to move like that, to become part of a song. For various reasons, I couldn't and didn't. I took a two-month clogging class with my sister, mother, grandmother, and a bunch of other grandmothers a couple of years ago, but that didn't fulfill the need inside me.

This last summer I began an adult ballet class with my mother. It was hard. I almost cried each week because I was so far behind. I didn't know any of the steps, steps which were, I might add, in French; I couldn't even touch my toes. I improved hugely over the summer; how could I not?

Three weeks ago, continuing with ballet, I began jazz and tap. This is a class for 12 - 18 yr olds. I am one of the oldest, but still having a ball. Some of the girls are divas and some don't even try. I just soak up as much information as I can and have as much fun as I can. It helped a lot that the song for our first combination was Hurricane by Panic! at the Disco, one of my favorites.

Since beginning, I have stretched like crazy. Almost every day you can find me in my room, sweating in my Spanx. I went from not being able to touch my toes while sitting down (16 days ago) to touching my face to my knees in the same position (as of today). It's hard, but seeing progress is incredibly encouraging. I will definitely be the most improved in my class.

So how else have I been inspired? Would you believe it if I said the internet? Yes, you probably would, since you're reading my blog and most likely frequent the glorious, if screwed up, place we call the internet.

I see, hear about, learn about, watch, listen to, participate with, laugh at, cry at, think about, and look at interesting people and things on the internet all the time. The people in my fandoms are smart and make good artwork.

It's difficult to explain, but sometimes, the tapestry of life (super original metaphor, I know) is just so beautiful that it blows me away. Strings of my life come together in such an amazing way every now and then, and just... inspire me.

One could ask, "what do Princess Mononoke, jazz shoes, and lions have in common?" and the answer would be ME.

What inspires you?

July 16, 2013

Night Photoshoot with Minion

 I had Katie over to spend the night and do some photo-shooting! Credits to her and me. Editing credits to her. Peace!

 Us chicas having fun

 Hey look there's a camera up there! *typing without looking because I'm watching Full House*

 Isn't she gorgeous!? Look at those eyes!!

 Katie didn't want to take the time to take a picture of this beautiful, fragile egg shell. She mostly wanted to squish it. "I shall call it Squishy, and it shall be mine...and it shall be my Squishy."

 If you look really close, you can see a demon rabbit. With fangs.

 Whoa I'm a floating astronaut trippy babe!


 For some reason this looks like it was taken, intending it to look like it was some drunken party. Do you get that feeling? I don't know why. It's chute doe!

 Slow shutter speed for the win. It's a musical note!

 Haha see her gum?? Nasty ew.

 And yes that shirt DOES have fringe ALL over it! I'm a flapper!

So there we go! It was a lot of fun, but we both got so bug-bitten! I've been itching for days. This was one of our more typical sleepovers. You can see pictures from an odder (that's not a word) one next time. We also laughed and yelled "bottom" and gossiped and snapchatted peoples and flooded peoples' inboxes til 3 in the morning. Then we slept in a crib of pillows and blankets. So that was fun!

The two of us together are like flame and gasoline because we are so explosive together.



Katie = Minion

May 14, 2013

Travels // La'Haina

La'Haina is a little touristy, quirky town that used to be a port. It's an hour drive from where we are staying. You don't "go" to La'Haina, you "do" La'Haina. Take it all in. Shop. Breathe. Do unashamedly touristy things.

 It's so wonderfully blue and green and American. Look at that!

 Oh and were they the best burgers! I don't EVER say this. I don't say this lightly, but that was the best burger I've ever had. It had bacon, pineapple, Maui onion, and Hawaiian sauce. Oh my was it good.

 Nom. The place had a 50s diner feel. Not like, "we're trying really hard to be relevant and appeal to a generation obsessed with vintage", but like "we happen to have lots of cool memorabilia and have an awesome atmosphere". So yeah, I bought the tee shirt.

 Dude, did I enjoy that burger. I wouldn't post such an odd, slightly unattractive picture unless I wanted to prove my love to that burger.

 Apparently Maui, specifically La'Haina, has a touch of Britain. So that was just there.

 Hawaiian Sunset shave ice. It was delicious. It was flavored mango, guava, and strawberry. See? I had such amazing food!

This is America's largest Banyan tree. It stretches over three city blocks. The branches grow out and drop down to the ground, making new trunks. It was really neat! That's the main trunk.

This guy had some gorgeous birds to get Real Hawaiian Feeling Tropical Pictures taken with.

Pretty bird

I talked the parents into letting me get a tattoo. This was at a place called Henna Lounge, but my tattoo wasn't henna. It was jagua, which is a new product. It lasts longer than henna and looks black like ink.

Before anyone asks, it means "Rat" because I was born in 1996. I have a necklace charm of this kanji as well. Also, before you get all "ew rats are gross and that must mean that you're gross and nasty too" (oh my gosh stap being like that) I'll say that the Rat is the beginning of the Chinese zodiac, making it the most important. The rat is synonymous with intelligence and ambition. Those born in the year of the Rat are supposedly clever, quick-witted, funny, and sharp. I appreciate these traits and wish to identify with them.

Well, that was La'Haina. It was amazing and fun! I did some shopping and came home full and tired.

We leave for home tomorrow morning. When I get back I'll get the rest of the trip presented in blog post form for you guys and myself!


Travels // 1

Aloha! It's gorgeous here and the eating's good.

We bummed around the first day we were here, Monday the 6th, because Sunday was such a hard day of travel. I hadn't flown so long before and it was exhausting. I body surfed and swam and read. Also we had to go shopping for groceries, a necessity even in Hawai'i. We went to The Cinnamon Roll Place, as evidenced by Gnome, and had some good rolls for breakfast. We ate at Cafe O'lei for lunch the first day and it was great. I had this roasted turkey sandwich with dijon mustard, tomato, sprouts, spinach, cheese, lettuce, and avocado.

This is the building in which we are staying. We're on the second floor, which is perfect. You don't have to climb many stairs, but aren't right there in front of the beach where all the people are.

Hey look, there's me! I look super cute with my lei that I got at the airport. My mom ordered one for me and one for my sister to greet us when we landed like Hawaiian tradition.

Well, that's all I have for now. That's a general update and post, but I'll have more later! Mahalo!


May 4, 2013

partees and people and OMG IM GOING TO HAWAII

*walks sheepishly to the computer, turns it on, and sighs*

Sorry guys, I just got so DANG-ED busy all of a sudden! I did stuff every day. Like, I mean, WENT places and did stuff!


I don't have pix right now because I'm a terrible, lazy human, and like to not live through the lens of a camera when hanging out with people. SIDE NOTE: "people" sounds like "perplle" when I say it because I got stupid rubber bands (which is bubber rands with the first letters switched. you're welcome) in my face for my braces.

So I had prom, which was super fun! My boy Snook took me and we danced and goofed off. It was fun. The after party was carnival-y and had inflatables, so yeah. It (prom and all) wasn't what I expected at all for some reason. I don't even know what I had envisioned, but not that. Maybe me and my friends just can't live up to the elegance and "this is the night of your life" thang.

The week after that I had school, rehearsals, and then went to my friend Katie's play with some people. We went to Sonic afterward and chilled. Literally, we chilled. It was freezing that late at night! She was super good performing as a spoon. Don't judge, they were doing Beauty and the Beast!

The weekend after that I went to a Father-Daughter Banquet with my dad and little sister. That was a lot of fun, as was the bowling after party, though I suck at bowling. I bowled a 64, so that's all that needs to be said. I will say, in a feeble attempt to retain my dignity, this was the worst I have ever done, normally bowling in the 80s or 90s. Oh hey I have pix for me bowling!

See my cute college swag and harem pants? I am a hobo, hipster clown.
psyching up

thur she goes!

look at that form! Yeah-huh!

My excited "I made some pins fall over!!" dance.
happay happay fist pumps!!1!

 So that was bowling. Then the next day Snook and Chris the Goat came over to watch The Three Musketeers. Watch it if you get the chance, it's wonderfully stupid and unrealistic. I'll have you know that I invited one other dude and three girls, but none of them could come so DON'T JUDGE ME.

Then came production week for Seussical. We performed three times today and we're done now and you can't understand me unless you've had post-show depression. It sucks, but in a good way. Also, I'M GOING TO HAWAII TOMORROW AND STAYING FOR TEN DAYS AND ITS GONNA BE ALL BEACHY AND STAUFFFF! So thats good! Moar pix to come. Expect the same type of thing as from my Cali trip: a couple updates, a Gnome post, then an absolute photo dump. Kay cool? Cool.

Oh but I just love my partners in crime in my cast. They are the bees knees. I love theater people because they are crazy, but also weirdly respectful (most of the time) because they know what's it's like to be told to be quiet and not sing so much. We're all so cute together too. In our makeup. Hugging each other and working together to make everything perfect and fun and special. *sigh* already nostalgia.

PEACE OUT BBYS! see ya in Solla Sollew....or the WEST COAST! YEEAAUUHHHH!

- billyBobjoe

PS little sassy person
<(    )/
   /   \

April 4, 2013

appalachian wine and prom

Those two things are not really related, just the two things that are on my mind right now! Haha don't worry!

This is a song that I absolutely love.

"They both met in the midnight sky
Got lost in each other's eyes
Then threw away the map
And lost the key

God sent them their first two kids
One named Fire the other one Wind
With a note that floated down
For them to read

It said 'You asked what it was like up here for Me'

Mother Earth and Father Time
Fell in love over Appalachian Wine
Hit a rough spell and almost lost their mind
Raised a little hell before they fell in line

Fire came out with a restless soul
It only got worse as he got older
'Til finally he got
Too hot to tame

Time said, 'Son, I know it's hard,
But you're breaking your mama's heart'
And Fire looked up through tears
That made the rain

He said 'Why is it everything I love I set aflame?'


Wind was born to the open sky
With a bad temper and a wandering eye
That kept him on the run
For most his days

Earth said, 'Listen, hear my child,
See, I used to run that wild,
'Cause it's hard to put a finger on the pain
But Son you can't outrun a thing like shame'

Then Time and Earth got on their knees
And prayed, 'Dear God, oh can't you see?
The Fire's too hot, the Wind's too cold
And loving them is gonna kill us both'

Then God reached down and took their hands
Dried their tears and smiled and said
'That's kinda what it's like up here for me,
Yeah, lovin' them'll cost you everything'


So, Prom's tomorrow! I'm super excited! I'm going with my friend Matthew Snook and we are going to have a ball. I promise pictures of us and me and my dress and everything! Today I got my braces changed from green to blue because green braces with a blue, black, and white dress is a no-no. I got bling and a purse and I'm going full-out girly freakout! I'm so excited! Wanna bet how long I keep the heels on? It won't be long I know. I know you don't want to read anymore of this, so I'll be off, but I'll be back with pictures soon!

And bee tee dubs I'm going to Hawaii in a month!!!

K, peace out. billyBobjoe

March 30, 2013

a package and some care

You know what? I'd be fine with not getting sick for, oh, at least a month or so. You guessed it. I'm sick again. Did I ever stop being sick? I swear if I can't get well...then I guess I'll stay sick.

One of the perks of being an eternal invalid is getting care packages! Yes indeed! I received this hand-delivered to my door today by Dave! You may've seen him comment before. Thanks Dave! It was addressed to my real name. You got me. My real name isn't billyBobjoe, it's Mrs. Benedict Cumberbatch. It had Owl City mixtapes and an annoying monkey stuffed animal that screams when thrown at people and old comic strips! He gets me.

No, you can't see where I live.

I bought this super cute mug a while back, and there it is sitting on my newly arranged shelves. I should've taken real pictures of the shelves, shouldn't I? Bad me!

These next ones were from a trip my family took to see my little sister's State Archery Tournament. We shopped at antique stores and thrift shops and got ice cream and had fun. i bought an antique key! It's reall pretty and I put it on a necklace. But what was really interesting to me was this sign! I cracked up! Apparently guys are happy and girls are sad. Or, he's glad that she's on the other side of the wall, and she's lonely.

Yay! Ice cream at The Fudge Factory! It was delish too!
I'm up a stump without a paddle. No kidding, I love that phrase and  frequently use it IRL. What I meant was, I don't have anything to say. I'm constantly sick, trying to get well, trying to do homework and other activities without dying, and have fun when I feel well.

The weather where I live has been almost as random as my health, sunny one morning, then stormy that night. SUNNY WITH A HIGH OF 75! That's a song.

I'll be back when I have something to say. Wait, don't leave me! Let me loooooove youuuu! And now I'm in a weird mood. Thanks. Or I might be feverish. Once I was feverish and watched Yellow Submarine. That was trippy. Anyway...peace out!


March 22, 2013

sometimes I think a lot

Hey guise! Remember me? Yeah, me neither. Gosh it's been forever.

How do I expect myself to create a popular YouTube channel without first taking care of my blog?      Well, that's not how I meant to tell y'all, but hey! I plan on doing that this summer, if this summer decides to come.

Only 4 or 5 weeks of school left, depending on how you count the week where we eat and take finals at my co-op. Actually, I just don't remember. What? An elephant never forgets! So maybe I'm not actually an elephant...

Moving on.        Naturally, I've been thinking about life choices recently.

How could I not with colleges telling me all the time how special and smart I am and how well I'll fit in at the U of U more so than any other school?

I'm only a Jr! I feel way too young to have to be dealing with these things. Is everyone else really this young when they do this stuff? Apparently. But then I realized, everyone else is just as scared as I am about the future. It's scary isn't it? It's all fuzzy and future-y. We don't know anything about it.
About college
and majors
and careers
and relationships
and dating
and marriage
and all sorts of other things that don't seem as big, but are big in the perspective of your life.

Yeah, those are big deals, but we don't have to put that much pressure on ourselves! Sure, decisions always always always have consequences, but I believe that God has a plan for my life, so I can trust that He'll bring about His will in my life. Is that not crazy encouraging?

I keep trying to grab the wheel (an apt analogy because I can't even drive) and take control, but my selfishness just ends up messing everything up.

I dreamed last night that I knew that Jesus was coming back that day. I could see people running and hiding or waiting on hilltops. Of course, since it was simply a dream, it didn't coincide with what I know to be true about the eventual return of Christ, but it made me think. I saw an old man whip his head around to the sky as lightning flashed. It was almost as if he heard Someone calling to him. He run toward the light with eager anticipation, faster than he should've been able to. I woke up crying. Hopefully, you'll think on this and allow it to change your perspective. It was very real to me and I'm thankful for it.

Well, that was different. You weren't expecting a post like THAT, were you? I wasn't either.

Peace out, bBj

March 4, 2013

The many faces of bBj

Hi. I'm billyBobjoe for those of you newer readers. I do weird things sometimes.

Sometimes I look redweebulous.
Sometimes I try to look cute.

Sometimes I'm a rainbow unicorn.

Sometimes my hair doesn't behave.

Sometimes I'm in shock. See? I have a blanket!

Sometimes I look creepily like David Tennent.
But I always do odd things.

Yes, this was just an excuse for the selfies, but they are funny and entertaining at least! And no duckfaces! How do you like the skelly face? I rather liked it. Totally on a whim this evening. Yes, my brain goes, "well, all we're doing in watching Doctor Who, so why not?" Love you people! No more selfie posts for a while.


I'm out, billyBobjoe

March 3, 2013

warning: photoshoot post

If you wanna see a bunch of precious pictures of lovely ladies, this is the post for you! Mostly, I didn't want to dump all these on my twitter followers, but wanted people to be able to see them! *smiles all around*

Well that was that! Dey be so chuuuute! I love typical girl hangouts with their lame movies, cheese dip, makeup, and photoshoots. Oh, by the way, this is Katie! She's my baby bug friend.
Which is your favorite?