July 11, 2015

impulse buying

I'm getting dangerously inspired by bloggers and youtubers lately. I'm afraid I might do something drastic like work on mine. 0_0
   yes I still use those emoticons like 0_0 and uwu... pardon my scene phase

Also I had a random spike in page views. Odd. That's probably related to, oh I dunno, posting content.

   Interesting (debatable) fact about me: I love to shop. For a while something about retail therapy made an appearance in my bio here on Blogger. The bad part, I'm an impulse buyer. I love to see something fun and interesting when I'm out and about at Target or where-have-you and just up and buy it. I dunno it releases endorphins and all that. Now I don't particularly want to get into all the Does It Truly Make Me Happy discussion, because that isn't the point here, but it is fun.
   However, as someone who doesn't have a steady income, and who really should be putting all income aside for college, I shouldn't be impulse buying at Target. Honestly though I'm planning quite a bit of money on my trip to Europe with Keeley (see last post for link bc I'm lazy). Don't tell.
   But, to help a little bit with this little issue, I've tried the oldest trick in the book: making a note of something I wish to buy and seeing if I feel like it's worth the money in a couple of weeks. Here are some of the notes I found in my phone today:
 1. fanny pack  (WHY do I think I need a fanny pack?)((spoiler alert they're coming back in style you heard it from me))
 2. 10 ft charger for my phone. Chris the Nerd bf made me realize how pointless that is when you could just use an extension cord. I still like the idea of a Mega Long Charger though...
 3. Some nail polish from Sephora named "Alive". I should really do my research on that one! Because it was a great summer neutral.
 4. German/English DK dictionary. Might be a little premature seeing as I just started learning German a few weeks ago. But DK books are so PrEtTy!
 5. Crayons. Ok I went ahead and got those. Back to school sales and all.
 6. Photo organizer from The Container Store. My favorite place.

I did buy the photo organizer today because it was on sale and for all the other reasons that I justified it with. I'm very happy with it and I'll (ironically enough) post pictures when I've organized with it.

Signing out for now,
   Callie Anna