June 24, 2015

I keep making dramatic entrances back into the world of blogging, only to go back on hiatus immediately. Sorry about that.

I believe I mentioned in my last blog post about how I was beginning my journey to Hogwarts. Now I have read all the books and watched all the films. It was a wild ride, one that I loved. Now I can focus on learning all Harry Potter trivia and being thrilled that another movie in the canon is being made. Also, if you're my best friend and a new blogger, (not to name names, Keeley) you should definitely start reading the books as soon as possible.

Let's see.
I'm nineteen.
I don't have a “real” job. I clean houses, with the occasional babysitting or dogsitting gig thrown in.
I graduated high school, homeschooled all the way, and took a gap year, which just finished.
The gap year was very good for me. I've talked about my health issues, most generally described as anxiety and eating disorder before, and now I'm here to say that I'm recovered. It was really hard going for several years, but I fought hard. My mother especially helped me. She had my back through everything and was an incredible encouragement. If you need someone to talk to about mental or physical issues, please hit me up. I can probably relate better than most.
I've been dating my wonderful boyfriend for almost a year now.

Lol this is my old bio... it was definitely time for an upgrade.
I'm billyBobjoe. Occupation: nerdfighter. I live in the south with my family. Jesus is my Lord and I homeschool. Star Wars and Owl City are just a couple of fandoms! Red Vines can do anything, but Strawberry Twizzlers are appropriate and able substitutes. Retail Therapy is necessary. Dragons are cool, I read every day, and I have Anatidaephobia!

And here's a comparison of 2013 me and a more recent selfie.
I obviously grew my hair out and decided that makeup is not necessary. Both good things.