February 28, 2013

hugs, light bulbs, and books

I feel like the blogosphere is dead. I mean, I know I'm not helping any by only posting on whims and that there are a few of y'all still blogging away. Maybe I need to follow more people. We're all just getting older and getting busier with various and sundry things.

This is how I am about hugs. I need to make these coupons.
 I think I might make it to Summer 2013. Just maybe. My health has been better, if you don't count getting sick AGAIN! Geeze. Big family problems include everyone getting sick and sharing it. I'm caught up on homework, but it's not over yet. Maybe I'll head to the library to finish up some stuff. I love studying at the library. I can focus there, and don't feel so closed in and stuck.

So here's something funny. I took all the books off of my shelves to dust them and reorganize because I enjoy that sort of stuff. So all the books are on my floor in piles, and I still haven't gotten around to putting them away. I went to put them away last night, but saw that the shelves had gotten dusty again! Now I have to procrastinate a little bit more.... Haha, nah, maybe I'll put them away today! Hey, I'll take a picture to show you guys when I'm finished.

Remember the super duper surprise I was gonna post about?? So, sorry about that, but it was a vlog with my best friend, but the video won't upload so y'all might not be able to see it. Shame on me.

I read Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief on a whim a while back. I read it and enjoyed it a lot! It was well done and fun! Naturally, it was a little under my reading level, but I don't mind that. I watched the film a couple evenings ago and absolutely loved it! I was a little skeptical at first because of all the material to cover and special effects that would be necessary, but I was pleasantly surprised. Usually I'm judging effects and actors and humor and pacing the whole way through a film when I know the ending, but I wasn't! I enjoyed the whole thing. The actors were all top-notch...Logan Lerman is precious too. The makers made the film enjoyable for older audiences without adding unnecessary crude humor or anything. I highly recommend it and can't wait for Sea of Monsters! I'll have to read the rest of the series!

I found this online and loved it. It shows how forward thinking is often attacked. Do you ever feel like the only light bulb in a world of candles?

I love Sherlock because it is so intelligent and marvelously paced with good action...who am I kidding? Lies! All lies! I LOVE Benedict Cumberbatch! I can't wait for the next Star Trek! All these girls are about to become die-hard Trekkies. lol
Well, that's a lovely note to end on. Off I go to do important things!

~billyBobjoe Cumberbatch

February 16, 2013

Babel and Sherlock

Oh my gosh! I'm one composition away from being caught up in school for the first time this semestre! It's such a freeing thought. I can't wait for summer though.

Tonight I'm going to the State Championship game that a lot of my guy friends are playing/going to win in! We're gonna have the hugest, most loud and awesome, student section ever!

I'm listening to Babel by Mumford & Sons for the first time. It is so good. I love the sound of their songs in my ears. I never intentionally learned the words to the songs on Sigh No More, just listened to it on repeat while doing math. That's probably how I learn lyrics best anyway.

While I am not in the slightest Catholic, I gave up something for Lent this year. Guess what. Yep, Temple Run 2. Isn't that awful?? That just goes to show you how addicted I am! So, no more TR2 for me for a while. People think it's funny, but it really was taking up a lot of my time.

My big sister Cadenza is coming home tomorrow! She's been nannying MKs for 6 months and I miss her like crazy. Hopefully all her international flights and stuff work out well.

And guess what! Oh mi gaaaash! *prepare for epic fangirling* SHERLOCK! It is perfect and wonderful and perfect. And Benedict Cumperfection? I mean, Cumberbatch. *sigh* And now we get more Hobbit and Star Trek, so that's good. I'm going to die, just look at him!

This is him and Martin Freeman being amazing and classy. They have great chemistry too.

This is his Everyone Be Quiet So I Can Deduce face. He's so darn irritable, but just like the stories.

This is his I Just Deduced Something So Marvelous That You Never Would've Gotten It On Your Own face.

So that's the update! Also, be warned, that was MINOR fangirling. I was literally ASDFGHJKL-ing the other day. :D


PS - And now that I've finished writing this I am officially finished with school! kthxbi