December 15, 2012


I will own a miniature pig. Not a baby one, that would grow up on me and leave the nest/get ugly, but a little one. I will name him Pilot. You know, so he can be a flying pig. *snickers*

Squeeee! So precious! If you didn't giggle or squee with cuteness overload, you are no human. Go find some robot friends...or Spock.

Live long and prosper, piggies!


explosions and sir cat

I got tolded to post more. So I am. Going to, that is. I went to see The Hobbit at the midnight showing! I had a slightly enjoyable time, but the movie was awesome. I won't let my surroundings shape my mood. The night after that I went to a Christmas party, which was fun. Today I went to my first homeschool team basketball game! It was fun and they played well. I'm heading to another party tonight at the house of my dear sweet friend whom I have known forever. And I literally mean forever. Sunday, we have a wedding shower and another party at my house. It is insane. But fun. *sigh* the holidays.

So, that's that, but I am ignoring that fact so I can wake up and work out. I've gained enough fat-weight so that I can start trying to get some strength, stamina, and muscle. I'm gonna work with my parents personal trainer, who is soon to be mine. I'm pretty pumped, then booom...

  ...I will be gorgeous! JK, but I will be able to run upstairs without losing my breath.

This cat is my inspiration. I will the lady-version of this Sir Cat. Isn't he boss? I'm in love.
This made me laugh out loud! My dad isn't bad about this, but significant looks often get passed around because I love my friends who are dudes and talk about them.

Should I grow my hair out? It won't take long because it grows mega fast. Thoughts?

There, that wasn't too bad. I put together a post in a short amount of time. I'm so good!

Love y'all, billyBobjoe Fred

PS Fred? Why'd ya call me Fred? I don't know.

December 12, 2012

the end of the world

You guys! I'm embarrassed. I haven't posted in forever, yet y'all have pushed me over the 10k views mark!

NaNo, you ask? Yeah, that didn't happen. It wasn't that I was too busy even. My muse didn't show up to work and left me with no inspiration or ideas. I like the idea of my story, but fantasy is much too deep for my writing skills as of now.

Speaking of writing skills, I got my PSAT scores back. I was super worried, feeling that I had done better than last year, but still not good enough. Without saying numbers, I did really well. It was all God. I won't know if I am a National Merit Semi-Finalist until September, so until then I guess I'll just work on my ACT prep. Gosh, so much college prep. I literally asked my mother whether everyone is this young when dealing with all this junk. I don't feel old enough to need to care, but I really do feel the importance of my grades and scholarships and such.

I have gained weight and grown half an inch in the last 5 weeks, so that's encouraging. I'm strong enough that I'm going to work next semester and be in the Spring musical with Cast N Crew! I'm so glad.

So, we have 9 days 'til the end of the world. What are you going to do? I personally don't think that anything out of the usual will occur on that "fateful" day, as evidenced by all the importance I was giving the things I wrote about up ^ there. I'm going to continue to buy Christmas presents and look forward to the day when my big sister returns from India, with more than the usual amount of crazy dancing, just in case.

I've never been afraid of the end of the world or death. Because I am a Christ-follower, I believe in His promise of Heaven and the Revelation of the End found in Scripture. I have nothing of which to worry.

I'm just glad that The Hobbit is coming out first.

See you on the other side,