December 15, 2012

explosions and sir cat

I got tolded to post more. So I am. Going to, that is. I went to see The Hobbit at the midnight showing! I had a slightly enjoyable time, but the movie was awesome. I won't let my surroundings shape my mood. The night after that I went to a Christmas party, which was fun. Today I went to my first homeschool team basketball game! It was fun and they played well. I'm heading to another party tonight at the house of my dear sweet friend whom I have known forever. And I literally mean forever. Sunday, we have a wedding shower and another party at my house. It is insane. But fun. *sigh* the holidays.

So, that's that, but I am ignoring that fact so I can wake up and work out. I've gained enough fat-weight so that I can start trying to get some strength, stamina, and muscle. I'm gonna work with my parents personal trainer, who is soon to be mine. I'm pretty pumped, then booom...

  ...I will be gorgeous! JK, but I will be able to run upstairs without losing my breath.

This cat is my inspiration. I will the lady-version of this Sir Cat. Isn't he boss? I'm in love.
This made me laugh out loud! My dad isn't bad about this, but significant looks often get passed around because I love my friends who are dudes and talk about them.

Should I grow my hair out? It won't take long because it grows mega fast. Thoughts?

There, that wasn't too bad. I put together a post in a short amount of time. I'm so good!

Love y'all, billyBobjoe Fred

PS Fred? Why'd ya call me Fred? I don't know.


  1. So glad to have you back again!
    Fun post!:D

  2. Yeah...I kind of miss your hair.
    I think you should grow it out. It was so gorgeous and long too! If it grows fast then you could always go back and forth?
    You'll be beautiful either way. I just really, l.o.v.e hair, especially when it's long!:D

    1. Awww you so nice to me! That was what I was thinking about going back and forth. I want it shoulder length with choppy layers for summer. Almost a little rock star like! I might even do some colors too! I can't now with it abort without doing my whole head. I totally would, but don't think the family would go for it.

  3. shoulder length with layers and bangs sounds adorable on you! you have my vote!!


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