April 30, 2012

first flight

I got to see a baby bird's first flight! A pair of chickadees nesting in our apple tree kicked the fledglings out so they would learn to fly and live on their own. They hopped around on our driveway for a couple hours and hung out in the shade of our van.

Doesn't he look proud of his contour feathers?
When my dad needed to leave to take the van somewhere, I think to get the oil changed, I carefully moved Conrad and Twitty with a broom to safer areas of the driveway. Yes, that is what I named them.

Can you see that piece of down that is about to come off from his left side in the next picture? In case you were wondering, down feathers are different from contour feathers, the ones used for flight, in that they are next to the skin and used for insulation. On feathers, there is a shaft running down the middle, from which barbules attach. Some of the barbules are hooked and some are smooth on contour feathers so they can attach to each other, providing the strength and flexibility necessary for flight. Down feathers only have smooth barbules, making down comforters so very comforting! Now you know.

I didn't watch Twitty all the time, but I kept a close eye on Conrad. hardee har har, of course I did! Anyway, I shaded him from the sun, and after waiting, saw him take his first wobbly flight. I cheered and tried not to be jealous of his attached plane tickets to wherever he wants to go.

I really did try to restrain myself from petting him. Supposedly that's bad, but I did anyway, and boy, those down feathers were super soft! I'll never forget my babies. Spring has sprung.

April 26, 2012

cool beans! I'm going to CA!

I'm back!
You were supposed to read that in a sing-song voice. Because I actually say things in a sing-song voice a lot.

hmm. Anyway.
I finished my homework for the week today! And this week is our last week at jolly olde Comm. Central. All I have left is studying for and taking finals! woohooo! Enough of that.

This chick just bought a plane ticket! To sunny

to visit my bestie with my sister! I can't wait, especially since I've been planning this with her for over two years. And because it will be my first time to fly, on a plane that is.
I bought some cute red shoes, which is always a win! I've also been added to my collections recently. Not like...what do normal people collect? Well, I've been adding to my DVD collection and book library! I bought Get Smart, The Dark Knight, and The Italian Job. As for books, I won't list all of them, because I got over ten. They did include Sophie's World, The Pilgrim's Regress, Lord of the Flies, Wuthering Hights, and Messanger. I grin-eth with much happiness!

Also, I want to thank all of you who have followed me recently and have caused my views to skyrocket, for me anyway. It has encouraged me very much!

I've been hanging out with my loverly Anna recently. We spent the night together at her house on Tuesday night and the Tuesday night befo' that. We watched Hot Rod together and I laughed really, extrememly, majorly loudly. ok, not really. But a lot. Now she and her sister and I can carry on conversations without saying anything other than quotes and inside jokes. It's a big accomplishment!

One time we slept in their hammock, and one time we were going to sleep on the second floor porch, but workers were coming the next morning, so we prudently decided against that. We also did one of the things on my Bucket List. I know, I still haven't written it out and posted it yet.

Yay! We watched the stars, and karma got Anna. Her cat jumped on me and scared me while in the hammock, and then the next time, Boogers, the cat, scared her! Mwahahaha! Not that I believe in karma anyway.

We pause for a moment to bring you, some toasted marshmallow flavored "cool beans".

Buh Bye! Cool beans.

April 10, 2012

nervous laugh

Yeah, you were expecting a wonderful, well thought out post. I'm not giving you one this time! sorry!

I'm just here to announce that I'm taking a little break from blogging. I'm super swamped because it's the end of the school year. I have a billion things to do, but you'll just have to wait for a week or so before I'm back. Normally I wouldn't take the trouble to formally annouce this, but because it's been a while since I've posted anyway, I thought I should. So, yeah, that's about it. :)

See ya around, stay cool, etc.

IRL friends: Come see the performances of my play! Okay, I'm gone now.

PS That was also my 50th post! just sayin'