December 24, 2011

a trip around the Christmas tree

'Twas the (new year, and I never got my pictures posted about the) night before Christmas, and all through the house...

 Here are a bunch or ornaments from our tree.

This is the type of mushroom that I like!

I love this one! So cute!

My mom's tree has a lot of diversity. Us kids usually have our own tree to put our ornaments on, so my mom's is a "thing of beauty," and not to be touched, but a few things have changed as we have gotten older!

I think this car is very cute.

My mom loves the beach, and got this in St. George's Island when we went a while back.

This one is for my dad, who used to play saxophone. I say "used to", but I want him to start again! He was good too!

I just think this crown is pretty.

I am a Coca-Cola fan! Vintage is good, but vintage Coke is even better! This little vending machine is so cute!

I just bought a pink, polar bear, Coke t-shirt, too!

Someday I want this ornament.

This will make my older sister unbearably happy, that I posted a picture of her marvelously wrapped present! Isn't is cute? Unfortunately, it wasn't for me. *sad*

Get it? It's Christmas... in a nutshell! The outside looks like a walnut. It makes me excited! I will never forget my amazement when I understood this.

My Christmas was very good! I'm not going to try to tell everything I received, but I will say that I did get headphones, a lava lamp, a flash drive, which I returned because I found that which was lost on Christmas day, Star Wars OT in BluRay, some tshirts, and a necklace. What did you get?

Merry New Year.

December 22, 2011

Of chimney sweeps and light bulbs...

Howarya? I wonder who here knows how to say that correctly? It's supposed to sound like Gene Kelly... anyway. I have new socks. Yes I do! I got them as a Christmas present, and to tell the truth, which is something that I try to do, I would be happy to receive 45 pairs of socks on Christmas day. If they were cute. I don't even wear socks that often, but when I do, they make me feel happy all day.

I love these pictures. You know they're worth a thousand words, so I'm showing you a little about me by showing you an excerpt of the pictures on my computer from weheartit.
 I think this one is really cool. I wish I had a skylight from which I could poke my head! Who doesn't? Of course, if I did, I would transform into a Mary Poppins chimney sweep and get carried away with dancing on people's roofs, and I don't think that's allowed. Oh well, I can dream!

Isn't this cool? I think that picture is really interesting, and shows a simple honesty by the bare bulbs and rope.
 If you are too freaked out by the weird analyzation (not a real word) of "strange" pictures, you can just go away, but I like to analyze! Once, I did a 5 page Extended Literary Analysis instead of reading the schedualed book for American Literature! w00t.

 And I'm obsessed with planes. Obsessed is a strong word. OK, I'm very interested in planes and most aircraft! My biggest dream is to go to the moon. Dream career? Astronaut. Nope, not likely. God's calling for women is to be a helpmeet, so that's what I am preparing for. But seeing for yourself that the world is round? That would be the best thing.
Oh, and this is exactly what I do to Compy. Poor thing, but I think he really stops working on purpose. Who else does this? Yes, I know you all do!

What else has been cooking around my place? Not much. Oh yeah, I found a huge present under the tree wrapped in my wrapping paper, because my mom is organized like that! I have no idea what is in it, not that I know of any presents that I am getting, but I didn't even ask for anything that big! So excited!

I added something to my list of accomplishments. (that I actually have done! shhh!)

I'm reading Sense and Sensibility. That is, I started it... again. I just can't get into it, and I really like Jane Austen. My whole reason was so I could watch both of the movies when my friend from CA comes to visit, which was probably not the best reason. And she's here, finally! I haven't seen her yet unfortunately, but I will soon! Expect pictures of our wild adventures. Anywho, I'm beginning to think that I'm not going to read it, you know, before I watch the movie. I might hate myself for a short while, but I frankly don't have time, and don't want to. So there.

I watched Freaky Friday this morning, and I laughed a lot. It goofy and dumb, but I was literally on the edge of my seat, which was on the floor, (I don't know how that works...) hoping to find out what would happen. I surprised myself even. Oh, and that movie has the dude that plays Moz in White Collar in it! I was so shocked to see him in a movie like that when I was used to him as.... how in the world do you explain Moz's character? I don't know.


December 21, 2011


Can you tell how excited I am? I am very.
Today has been one of those "Wow-I'm-so-glad-that-I'm-alive!" days! Do you get those? I hope you do.

Even though I didn't get to sleep 'til 3:30am last night, I woke up ready for the day. I must've been too excited last night from caroling. Part of my family, and another, and a few other friends met at this wonderful lady's home for dinner before caroling. I had a great time, it being my first time to go caroling, although I was afraid that my legs would be sore the next day. They weren't though, which made me happy. Anyway, I'm thankful for all the people that I can be myself around! Love you guys!

I wrapped my last two presents to give! Oh wait, except for two. Nevermind about the joy, there's always more to do. jk And then I went to a library and picked up these two movies!

Yes, one is an oldie, and one is a chick flick... again. You know me! Then I went to the other library in town to meet a friend, give her her Christmas present, which she liked, and do some homework.

And then I got Chick-Fil-A for lunch, even though it was like 2pm. I enjoy getting out of the house, because when I'm on break, I don't get out much. Yes, I am homeschooled and proud of it! Another reason I like getting out of the house is because I looked like this:

...and love to see people's reactions! You would never recognize me. Aviators and Koalas bears make me happy, especially when I'm wearing them. Hat courtesy of Boo! Thanks girl.

AND, like a child's dream, that goes on and on, until you are positive that they are making it up, I'm also excited because I bff just got in town! *happy dance*

And Christmas is coming! Yay, I'm glad that blogs are for expressing yourself...

How are you doing?

See ya in the movies,

December 19, 2011

Funny Photos!

This is a photo dump of some stuff that I've come across on teh interweb! They all make me crack up, so I hope you get a good laugh out of these.
 I'm not a Trekkie by any stretch of the imagination, I like it, and this is so perfect! I hope the next time in my life when a facepalm is needed, the person next to me thinks so too.

What it is about this I don't know, but I find this stinkin' hilarious! The guy is like, "How dare you jump up and try to eat me while I was sadly staring down into the ocean? I won't stand for it!"

"The poor horse" is all I have to say!

How true is this? Very. If you could actually mail things to food commercials, this is what I would say.

I know most of my sweaters have tags like this. I do all the "clothes" laundry, which means that I don't do the towels, and I occasionally just have to have my mom bail me out.

I do this as often as possible. People comment when they catch me. I love it. Oh, and you get to be a boss to even greater extents when you put sunglasses on immediately afterward. Just a tip for your future boss-ness.

This is so funny and sarcastic. I have to problem with inspirational photos, but sometimes they go too far! Seriously, there are probably hundreds of pictures of pink flowers that have text on them saying, "I just want to be loved" or some other such nonsense!

I seriously can NEVER keep a straight face when I see this bad boy! Words can just not describe this one.
Or this one. Perfect.

Hope you enjoyed and want more, because they are coming! Which did you like best?

Always laughin'

December 16, 2011

Life Recently

I keep feeling like I need a specific topic to write a blog post, but that's not true. So you get to read whatever I come up with!

First of all, I'm sick. I get a dumb cold every Dec. without fail. Maybe with a few exceptions. Anyway, I have to stay and bed and take medicines and all the stuff you're supposed to do to get well. It's so boring staying in your room all the time with no one to talk to.

4 Stars

I watched this a billion times last week:
I really like old movies, especially musicals! This was my first Sinatra film, so I watched it with a dear friend who I have known my whole life. Loving classic films is just one of the many things we have in common! The reason why I watched it a billion times was so I could learn and have ready every single quote and lyric, because that's how I live my life! And I do!

I also watched these:

4 Stars

Of course, this is classic. I personally like Robin Hood better, but this was great. Face it, every heroic, male role is based off of Errol Flynn. It's the bare truth! Princess Bride, with Wesley, was just a tip of the hat! I was surprised at how well this could stand up against other movies that were made recently, not that I'm a great judge, in the fact that a lot of it takes place on the sea! I mean, in some old movies, *shudder* you can totally tell that it's a backdrop and that they aren't really in water in stuff.

4 Stars

I really liked this one! Fun, and cute! The acting was great, and the plot was not too typical, which, if you can tell, is something that I usually don't like.

3 Stars

This one didn't really deliver for me. I liked it, but thought it could have been a lot better. As of now, I can't remember why exactly I thought that, so I'm not much help. Hathaway and Streep were both amazing though! I would maybe watch it again.

4 Stars

I was so surprised at this one. I was so sure that I would like it less that The Devil Wears Prada, but I didn't. I was expecting it to be cute, but typical. It was amazing. The film techniques were fun and kept you interested. The actors were all good, and the romance was not the main theme. It dealt with a lot of topics, and did them justice. I would definitely recommend it! Oh, and a plus, Chris Evans!

I was in the mood for some oldies and chick flicks! This is such a movie blog. Oh well. I'll talk about something else now.

Christmas is coming up, which is exciting! For some reason, I got into the "spirit" really early this year, and now I'm not even that happy. Anyway, I finished my shopping today! Have you? I still need to finish making some of the gifts that will go to friends though.

So, I'm glad that school is out, but I don't know what to do with my time now! Yes, I'm a nerd, and like doing homework, I confess. Being sick obviously makes one not feel like doing anything, so that's part of it, but it sure makes life boring. As you can tell, I've recently watched a lot of movies, but that's about all I've done. I'm going to do some really interesting things, then post about them! That is my challenge to myself for the rest of the year!
This is a schwall for Holt5!

Over and Out!

December 7, 2011

I'm Back!

Here I am. Sorry it has been so long, but lookie down there! To the right.
I won! 30 days of insane are finally at a close, and I literally have been avoiding my computer since then. I don't even want to get online. Weird. My writing has improved a lot, but NaNo has mostly upped my determination, lack of sleep, and pride. Yes, I do have eternal bragging rights, thank you!

I am off of school, and only have a little bit of homework for over the break, including reading this:

But instead, I have been reading this:

I love Jane Eyre! I have read it once before, in a day and a half, but I wanted to read it again. It is also the first book for the next semester, so I am getting ahead. Good for me! I just finished it last night, when I should have been asleep. *looks sheepishly around* Who me?

There is a little bit of snow on the ground still, from last night, but it will melt soon. I, unfortunally, think I am growing up. *sigh* I did not even go out in it! It was beautiful, and I saw the shape of a snowflake for the first time! It was shocking and fantastic, in the most original sense of the word. It looked other-worldlym which makes sense, it falls from heaven.

Also, *inhales excitedly* my family and I have been watching this:

I love it! So funny, interesting, and smart. By "smart" I mean that the mystery is well done. And Neal Caffrey's wardrobe? Oh yeah! We are only five episodes in, and three of them were watched last night, with the snow falling! So cozy!

I also recently organized my room. I am one of those people who enjoy doing that sort of thing. No pun intended with the "sort" thing. Did you catch that? You did? Well, never mind. Anywho, I started out organizing and cleaning ONE shelf... I took everything off of several shelves, out of four drawers, and my attic space. I should have taken before and after photos to show you! I moved everything around, made a huge mess, got sick of it, left the room, left stuff all over my bed, had to sleep on the couch, then finished. I still have a few piles of things that I do not know what to do with, but I'll get to that later.

I'm going to post a few pics of me in my new apron that my grandmother made and gave me, the halo that I bought today, and all my bracelets. I hope you want to see them! I have a ton of bracelets. Random fact.

Sorry if I am MIA on everyone's blogs. My mini computer is as slow as day-old honey, and doesn't like me to hang out on teh interwebz. Oh well.

Holler at me!


November 4, 2011


I have received these awards! Yeah, a long time ago, sorry 'bout that. Back to the celebrating: w00t w00t!

I am definitely a Lord of the Rings fan, even though my profile says nothing about it. In my family, LOTR is a massive deal. By massive, I mean BIG! Anyway, you are allowed to read The Hobbit at the age of 12 or so, but you have to hold a conference with every other member of the family who has read it after every chapter to make sure you understand everything and so they find out what you think about it. The rules have bent a little over time, but I did that mostly. After that, you do the same with Fellowship, Towers, and Return. You are not allowed to see the movies, or know anything about them, until you have read all of the books, and the whole family that has seen them already are together. It was a big challenge to find a time when everyone could be together when my turn came, especially since we got a little out of order, with Agent 38 finishing before Cadenza. (I absolutely NEVER can remember if that's the number for her!) Anyway, I do not have a favorite character in LOTR, but I love Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, and and all the Hobbits. I know, I know, that is a long list, but who's counting?
I don't know if any of my followers do not already have this award, or if they deserve it! I award it to you if you can do a real post, unlike this, on LOTR, and will! *giggles in an evil manner* I'll be watching, as always.

I have no idea what the Stylish Blogger award means, or what I am supposed to do with it, so... I'm just glad to have it! And I award it to Bre!

Thanks everyone for reading! I love blogging, and hope to continue for a while. Don't stop commenting! (That sounds better if you sing it to Don't Stop Believing!)


November 1, 2011


She who has not posted for a long time...

She who's bed is not made...

She who is still in her pjs...

She who is surprised at the amount of homework that can be done in a short amount of time when you are motivated...

She who is anticipating Christmas...

She who is farther than anyone in reading Pride and Prejudice...

She who thinks Logic (our curriculum anyway) doesn't make sense, even though it's supposed to...

She who ate a cinnamon roll for breakfast...

Yeah, that girl!

Is doing NaNoWriMo! And, so far, doing it like a BOSS!

I downloaded Scrivener today and got to work. I was and still am a little bit, coughcoughVERYcough worried that I don't have enough planning done! I have only a little outlining for the beginning of my novel and a few character charts, but it's coming to me!

Here's a little about my novel:

"Sophi never speaks.  Not because she can't, but because she knows that talking is overrated. People intentionally hurt each other with it so often, and even more often without meaning to.  Ever since Sophi and Robert's mother left them and their dad, Sophi hasn't said a word. She still communicates, but is that enough to make friends?  Are there even people around worth being friends with who would accept Sophi the way she is?"

That's the main idea, and it works better in my head than here. Oh well... expect updates!

bBj *wink*

October 19, 2011


Yesterday morning just had that... cozy feeling! It was raining outside and I just noticed that my favorite tree in the backyard is partially yellow and brown! There was a buttery rum candle burning in the kitchen.

It was chilly outside.

It was quiet downstairs and I had a space heater going in my bedroom, even though it wasn't super cold.

I was also wearing huge red house shoes that look like pigs. Still am, to be perfectly honest! My friend from Comm. Central, which is my homeschool co-op, if I haven't told you, let me borrow them this week! I've already been to the grocery store, Chick-Fil-A, and the library in them.

Why that makes me cozy I really don't know!

School's going well right now and I just got elected as High School Student Council President! Yeah, I know, it's got a lot of capital letters! w00t!

We get to pick the topic for our next essay because Gulliver's Travels is too weird! o_0 Have you read it? That makes me happy because I can now somehow write about The Power of Six...

...which I just finished a few minutes ago! And I got it from the library Monday night! I'm gonna post a review on I Am Number Four and hopefully one on the movie, as soon as I see it. Then this ^ there!

It's Christmas time! Oh yes it is! Don't even try to argue. Don't dare. There is garland strewn about the Living Room and the Tree base is set up. Notice the awe in which that was typed. *wink*

I wish I could communicate the joy that Christmas and everything relating to it brings me. I'll try some time! I've been excited about Christmas for a couple months now and as soon as I get some money I will be going shopping! I also need to ascertain whether my best friend is coming to town.

I'm making friends with people at Comm. Central and by this point you probably all think I'm this hopeless girl who doesn't have any friends and gets excited about everything. That's definitely not the truth! It just feels better to let it all out when you're happy than when you're in the dumps. Just wait for the horrible post when I am. You will regret reading it! *laughs*

Unfortunately, my dear little baby computer, who is a mini, is going through one of those phases. You know how children are? He just won't cooperate and takes so long to do things! Anyway, it's a love/hate relationship. The purpose of this little spiel was just to tell y'all that it takes a long time to post and do stuffs online, so don't forget about me! I'll be around. And I'm having trouble commenting on blogs, but that's my problem!

'Nough for now...

October 9, 2011


I went to the symphony last night. That's the kind of person I am. And it was amazing!

They played only John Williams!
 and I went as a Jedi, of course.

That's phenomenal.

...We heard...

Superman March

Suite from Jaws

Schindler's List

Star Wars Suite
I. Main Title
II. Princess Leia's Theme
III. The Imperial March

Excerpts from Fiddler on the Roof

Olympic Fanfare and Theme

The Mission Theme (from NBC News)
Raiders March

Theme from Jurassic Park

October 5, 2011

Just a note to ask...

guess who got a letter in the mail addressed to "billyBobjoe"? ME! I figure you know that's not my real name! I was so pumped! You know who you are that sent it!

October 4, 2011

Review on The Only Alien on the Planet

Author: Kristen D. Randle
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-12

“...something's seriously wrong with him.”

   “They've all gotten used to him. The one who never speaks. The one who never smiles. They all say he's retarded. So, though his name is Smitty, they call him “The Alien.” and from the moment Ginny sees him she knows she has to meet him. Because she's been feeling weird since she and her family moved from the West Coast. She knows what it's like to feel alone. Ginny decides to become his friend. But Smitty is very different from anyone Ginny has ever known. And she soon realizes that reaching out to him might destroy him. Because in his world, there is no love. No pain. No room for anything – or anyone. Until Ginny comes along...”*

   I really wasn't expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did. I kind of read this as a favor! I ended up really loving all the characters and could resonate with all of them. The plot was interesting and wasn't predictable at all. The main characters were seniors, but I didn't get sick of the “school” setting. Even though the plot isn't something that happens to anyone, the setting was normal, but not boring. It delved into some pretty deep issues, one especially that I've been thinking about a lot, and will be talking of in my NaNo novel. Go read it, it's worth it! I gave this a PG-12 rating, if that even exists. Practically speaking, I recommend this to anyone over 12 with no limitations. I'd give this 4 out of 5 stars!

* This summary taken from the back of the The Only Alien on the Planet book cover

~bbj the reader!

Lovely Things (Food!)

Some lovely things I found on weheartit! Disclaimer: most of my pictures are from there! I'll let you know when they've been taken by your's truly!

A couple *coughcoughALLcough* of these have to do with food because I'm hungry right now! (I just love to eat!) Anyway...

Delicious colorful gummy bears!

I haven't had any in WAY too long!

That's it! I want gummy bears for Christmas!

Oh, and remind me to put a detailed Christmas list on here!

These remind me of a certain gummy-bear-infatuated monkey on a cute movie called "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs"! 

We all know Oreos are milk's favorite cookie, but they're also mine!

Split an Oreo = love in rainbow form!
Starbucks is marvelous!

I actually don't like coffee AT ALL, but love the ice creamy related things!

Besides, the atmosphere at Starbucks is so... Inviting!

It makes me want to go and STUDY! (While spending my money to get random foodie items! Of course.)
Icy lemonade. Can't be beaten on a hot day... or any day!

Especially with the cute mint garnish!

Brings back memories of summer.  Isn't it weird that summer is already a memory?

I wouldn't trade fall for it again though!

And last and definitely not least...


The soup of quickness, cheapness, and coziness.

Isn't it though?

Nom, supper's soon!

What are your foodie loves?

signed, penned, and blogged by...