December 16, 2011

Life Recently

I keep feeling like I need a specific topic to write a blog post, but that's not true. So you get to read whatever I come up with!

First of all, I'm sick. I get a dumb cold every Dec. without fail. Maybe with a few exceptions. Anyway, I have to stay and bed and take medicines and all the stuff you're supposed to do to get well. It's so boring staying in your room all the time with no one to talk to.

4 Stars

I watched this a billion times last week:
I really like old movies, especially musicals! This was my first Sinatra film, so I watched it with a dear friend who I have known my whole life. Loving classic films is just one of the many things we have in common! The reason why I watched it a billion times was so I could learn and have ready every single quote and lyric, because that's how I live my life! And I do!

I also watched these:

4 Stars

Of course, this is classic. I personally like Robin Hood better, but this was great. Face it, every heroic, male role is based off of Errol Flynn. It's the bare truth! Princess Bride, with Wesley, was just a tip of the hat! I was surprised at how well this could stand up against other movies that were made recently, not that I'm a great judge, in the fact that a lot of it takes place on the sea! I mean, in some old movies, *shudder* you can totally tell that it's a backdrop and that they aren't really in water in stuff.

4 Stars

I really liked this one! Fun, and cute! The acting was great, and the plot was not too typical, which, if you can tell, is something that I usually don't like.

3 Stars

This one didn't really deliver for me. I liked it, but thought it could have been a lot better. As of now, I can't remember why exactly I thought that, so I'm not much help. Hathaway and Streep were both amazing though! I would maybe watch it again.

4 Stars

I was so surprised at this one. I was so sure that I would like it less that The Devil Wears Prada, but I didn't. I was expecting it to be cute, but typical. It was amazing. The film techniques were fun and kept you interested. The actors were all good, and the romance was not the main theme. It dealt with a lot of topics, and did them justice. I would definitely recommend it! Oh, and a plus, Chris Evans!

I was in the mood for some oldies and chick flicks! This is such a movie blog. Oh well. I'll talk about something else now.

Christmas is coming up, which is exciting! For some reason, I got into the "spirit" really early this year, and now I'm not even that happy. Anyway, I finished my shopping today! Have you? I still need to finish making some of the gifts that will go to friends though.

So, I'm glad that school is out, but I don't know what to do with my time now! Yes, I'm a nerd, and like doing homework, I confess. Being sick obviously makes one not feel like doing anything, so that's part of it, but it sure makes life boring. As you can tell, I've recently watched a lot of movies, but that's about all I've done. I'm going to do some really interesting things, then post about them! That is my challenge to myself for the rest of the year!
This is a schwall for Holt5!

Over and Out!


  1. I love the Nanny Diaries! The book is amazing too, although there is quite a bit of cussing. ;)

  2. Ooo! love the Schwarll!!
    (Although I think you left the "R" out.)

    Holt5 <3 (@)


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