December 19, 2011

Funny Photos!

This is a photo dump of some stuff that I've come across on teh interweb! They all make me crack up, so I hope you get a good laugh out of these.
 I'm not a Trekkie by any stretch of the imagination, I like it, and this is so perfect! I hope the next time in my life when a facepalm is needed, the person next to me thinks so too.

What it is about this I don't know, but I find this stinkin' hilarious! The guy is like, "How dare you jump up and try to eat me while I was sadly staring down into the ocean? I won't stand for it!"

"The poor horse" is all I have to say!

How true is this? Very. If you could actually mail things to food commercials, this is what I would say.

I know most of my sweaters have tags like this. I do all the "clothes" laundry, which means that I don't do the towels, and I occasionally just have to have my mom bail me out.

I do this as often as possible. People comment when they catch me. I love it. Oh, and you get to be a boss to even greater extents when you put sunglasses on immediately afterward. Just a tip for your future boss-ness.

This is so funny and sarcastic. I have to problem with inspirational photos, but sometimes they go too far! Seriously, there are probably hundreds of pictures of pink flowers that have text on them saying, "I just want to be loved" or some other such nonsense!

I seriously can NEVER keep a straight face when I see this bad boy! Words can just not describe this one.
Or this one. Perfect.

Hope you enjoyed and want more, because they are coming! Which did you like best?

Always laughin'


  1. Hilarious pictures! :D The double faceplam is my favorite. :D

  2. Its got to be "The bad boy" :)
    too funny!

    Holt5 <3 (@)

  3. this is so fun, bbj! i gotta go with the shark one! that is just too funny. the boss one is a riot too!



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