April 4, 2013

appalachian wine and prom

Those two things are not really related, just the two things that are on my mind right now! Haha don't worry!

This is a song that I absolutely love.

"They both met in the midnight sky
Got lost in each other's eyes
Then threw away the map
And lost the key

God sent them their first two kids
One named Fire the other one Wind
With a note that floated down
For them to read

It said 'You asked what it was like up here for Me'

Mother Earth and Father Time
Fell in love over Appalachian Wine
Hit a rough spell and almost lost their mind
Raised a little hell before they fell in line

Fire came out with a restless soul
It only got worse as he got older
'Til finally he got
Too hot to tame

Time said, 'Son, I know it's hard,
But you're breaking your mama's heart'
And Fire looked up through tears
That made the rain

He said 'Why is it everything I love I set aflame?'


Wind was born to the open sky
With a bad temper and a wandering eye
That kept him on the run
For most his days

Earth said, 'Listen, hear my child,
See, I used to run that wild,
'Cause it's hard to put a finger on the pain
But Son you can't outrun a thing like shame'

Then Time and Earth got on their knees
And prayed, 'Dear God, oh can't you see?
The Fire's too hot, the Wind's too cold
And loving them is gonna kill us both'

Then God reached down and took their hands
Dried their tears and smiled and said
'That's kinda what it's like up here for me,
Yeah, lovin' them'll cost you everything'


So, Prom's tomorrow! I'm super excited! I'm going with my friend Matthew Snook and we are going to have a ball. I promise pictures of us and me and my dress and everything! Today I got my braces changed from green to blue because green braces with a blue, black, and white dress is a no-no. I got bling and a purse and I'm going full-out girly freakout! I'm so excited! Wanna bet how long I keep the heels on? It won't be long I know. I know you don't want to read anymore of this, so I'll be off, but I'll be back with pictures soon!

And bee tee dubs I'm going to Hawaii in a month!!!

K, peace out. billyBobjoe