January 30, 2013

minimalist posters (part 5)

Aren't you excited? I'm finally getting around to posting some more of these. Now we're at the fun category of Animated films. Yes, some of these posters naturally belong in several categories, but I chose the ones I did for a reason. These are all blue too!

 The clock with no numbers serves the purpose of the ambiguity of Wonderland and showing the main symbols. I love it.

This is beautiful, like the film, but simply shows Toothless as a dragon, with none of the personality, which is a good idea so you'll be surprised.

Simple like the concept of the movie. It doesn't focus on the music, but on the magic, which is what the music is anyway.

And now...Miyazaki. Nothing left to say, except that I love the watercolor style for the sky.

Perfection. There are so many things that Spirited Away can be recognized by, but this is perfect.

I hope you like these as much as I do. Have you seen them all? Which was your favorite? By the way, the background for the Alice one is the color that I want the bottom half of my hair to be when I grow it out.

One more post of random ones, then Nolan films is the schedule.

Movie loving billyBobjoe

January 25, 2013

dance, drama, and derping

Y'all, I just need a nap with a billion blankets or a Disney movie...or both. Of course I'm blogging; I have so much homework to do! That's the way it goes.

Remember the surprise I said was coming? It isn't exactly working. I'll try to work on that.

I discovered this beautiful thing called a recumbent bike, that lets me read while working on getting killer legs! It is so wonderful. Speaking of legs, guess what! I've been wanting to take dance lessons for ten years, ever since I saw a clogging exhibition. I haven't been allowed to to various reasons. It cost too much, or we were too busy, or the costumes would be too immodest, or whatever else. My parents are finally signing me for ballet and tap! I know I'm a late bloomer, but I won't let the fact that I'll be in classes with little kids or adults get to me. This will be my motivation to get stronger and eat more. I'm super excited!

I also got the role I wanted in my high school play. I get to be the Sour Kangaroo in Seussical! Have you seen Horton Hears a Who? I'm the evil, purple kangaroo. And I get to belt and be sassy. So that'll be a ton of fun.

My sister is coming home from India soon! I miss her so much, but I'll have to move out of her room. It's been six months.

Spring break, come quickly! I might pull all my hair out before then, and I don't want that to happen. I just keep telling myself that I'm almost finished with my hardest year of school. It's not even as hard as last year, but last year I wasn't practically an invalid!

One of my goals was to get 50 followers on Twitter this year....and I'm already there. So that's good!

One more thing. I made a couple of derpy videos on my sister's iPod touch. They are really funny! Should I create a YouTube channel and post them? The idea is that I'm this weird reporter for The Wild World of Nature, a goofy nature show.

It feels so good to just document things. This isn't a really cute post and doesn't have pictures or anything, but it does keep y'all updated. Actually, this month I've had more views than ever before, so that's encouraging!

~billyBobjoe Squarepants

favorite song right now: Appalachian Wine by Eleventyseven

January 21, 2013

Black and White

A bunch of things have been cooking up in the old noggin, some of which are going to go into this post. Naturally. Sorry, if it's rambly, but I promise it's all connected.

Anyway, I'm been thinking about the importance of truth and perfect honestly. I'm also reading Insurgent, which is a dystopian with a government composed of "factions", one of which being Candor. If you know your vocabulary and roots and stuff, you probably guessed that that had to do with Truth. It does, and I would recommend Divergent and Insurgent, the sequel. The colors and symbols for Candor are black and white and scales, respectively, causing me to think about black and white. And that's it. That wasn't as long or important or interesting as I had hoped! haha, a) I believe in Truth b) I'm reading Insurgent c) here are some b&w pictures!
I just love that this looks like sacrifice and dedication.

Makes me want to dance more than I already do. And by dance I mean learn how. I love it, but can't.

 Don't need words for Batman and a dragon.

I just love this. I don't even know why, maybe it is the metaphor of surviving. The paint drips almost suggest that it's not real.
Joe agrees

Joe, you are too darn precious and everything beautiful and wonderful.

I firmly believe that that picture was what photography was invented for. Talk about capturing a moment. 

Dreams come true. Nightmares are dreams too.


I hope you enjoyed this. I sure did. I love "scrapbook" posts, as I call them. It turns out that Blogger hates me and won't put the pictures where I wanted them, so this'll have to do. A word is worth a thousand pictures and a picture worth a thousand words. I try to weave them together. "Weave" is always used for words and pictures... I try to jimmy them together. No? I think so.

I'd love your thoughts.

Listening to Can't Buy Me Love by House of Heroes.

Love you people, thanks for the inspiration.

With a flourish, bBj

January 11, 2013


I'm a lot like an elephant. I guess, in only one way though. I have a super good memory! If you tell me to turn right, I'll look at you and say, "which way??", but if you mention that you once liked such-and-such four years ago, I will remember that forever. It's a little creepy. Ask the people I text! Also, elephants are just cute! They can be old and wise looking or whimsical, like owls.

 Gah, so much love for elephants! A friend of mine actually gave me an elephant stuffed animal for Christmas and her name is Queen Peanut Mousie. I call her "you cute little fuzzy precious cuddly squeezy huggable thing you" for short. I'll get a picture on here of her later.


January 9, 2013

frozen fatty part of unhomogenized milk

 So, I went back to school this week, after completing 3 weeks of chemistry and the midterm in two days. *Ahem* Saturday and Sunday. Enough of that.

I think I start too many posts with "so". Not a problem actually.

So this is going to be a topical post about ice cream. That sounds so dumb. But really! I love ice cream! Who doesn't? I was missing summer today, and saw a lot of interesting photos on teh interwebz that had to do with ice cream, so here goes.

It worked! I'm using Firefox by the way, in case you were having the same problem. Now doesn't that make you wish for summer? I love how different each one is.


January 8, 2013


Blogger is being weird and not letting me upload pictures, which is bad because I almost always have something to show you guys. I have a few topical posts planned and a super exciting surprise anyway!

How about an "I'm excited for 2013" post then? I'm so late too.

*goes to read journal post form Dec. 31* What?? It's not there! Um, for some reason, my computer (BAD computer!) decided that my hopes/goals/wishes for 2013 were not worth saving. I'm sad. I'll wing it. The three catagories are mixed together.

Gaining up to and staying at 110 lbs.
Work out regularly and get some muscle. Increase stamina.
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Watch Doctor Who
Finish Jr year with all A's
Turn 17
Get drivers license
Read 100 books
Watch 100 films
Oblivion, Epic, The Great Gatsby, Man of Steel, Lone Ranger, and Despicable Me 2
Get 50 Twitter followers
Get 50 Blog followers
Perform in Seussical the Musical
Visit KeKeJ in California
Read and watch Harry Potter
Dye hair
Getting my braces off

What do you think? Sorry so many have to do with movies! Actually, no I'm not.

More posts when Blogger decides not to be a butt. Also, don't forget about the special surprise that's coming up! It has to do with me, KeKeJ, cheese, and a teddy bear...