January 9, 2013

frozen fatty part of unhomogenized milk

 So, I went back to school this week, after completing 3 weeks of chemistry and the midterm in two days. *Ahem* Saturday and Sunday. Enough of that.

I think I start too many posts with "so". Not a problem actually.

So this is going to be a topical post about ice cream. That sounds so dumb. But really! I love ice cream! Who doesn't? I was missing summer today, and saw a lot of interesting photos on teh interwebz that had to do with ice cream, so here goes.

It worked! I'm using Firefox by the way, in case you were having the same problem. Now doesn't that make you wish for summer? I love how different each one is.



  1. Glad you have gotten the pictures to work with the other web bowser! I really like the pictures but they are making me hungry for some ice cream.


  2. Really cool looking picture! :) Ice Cream definitely deserves its own post, it's awesome :D (it's my favorite) :)


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