January 25, 2013

dance, drama, and derping

Y'all, I just need a nap with a billion blankets or a Disney movie...or both. Of course I'm blogging; I have so much homework to do! That's the way it goes.

Remember the surprise I said was coming? It isn't exactly working. I'll try to work on that.

I discovered this beautiful thing called a recumbent bike, that lets me read while working on getting killer legs! It is so wonderful. Speaking of legs, guess what! I've been wanting to take dance lessons for ten years, ever since I saw a clogging exhibition. I haven't been allowed to to various reasons. It cost too much, or we were too busy, or the costumes would be too immodest, or whatever else. My parents are finally signing me for ballet and tap! I know I'm a late bloomer, but I won't let the fact that I'll be in classes with little kids or adults get to me. This will be my motivation to get stronger and eat more. I'm super excited!

I also got the role I wanted in my high school play. I get to be the Sour Kangaroo in Seussical! Have you seen Horton Hears a Who? I'm the evil, purple kangaroo. And I get to belt and be sassy. So that'll be a ton of fun.

My sister is coming home from India soon! I miss her so much, but I'll have to move out of her room. It's been six months.

Spring break, come quickly! I might pull all my hair out before then, and I don't want that to happen. I just keep telling myself that I'm almost finished with my hardest year of school. It's not even as hard as last year, but last year I wasn't practically an invalid!

One of my goals was to get 50 followers on Twitter this year....and I'm already there. So that's good!

One more thing. I made a couple of derpy videos on my sister's iPod touch. They are really funny! Should I create a YouTube channel and post them? The idea is that I'm this weird reporter for The Wild World of Nature, a goofy nature show.

It feels so good to just document things. This isn't a really cute post and doesn't have pictures or anything, but it does keep y'all updated. Actually, this month I've had more views than ever before, so that's encouraging!

~billyBobjoe Squarepants

favorite song right now: Appalachian Wine by Eleventyseven


  1. Girl, you are just too cute! I love your blog. :)
    I think you should totally do youtube! I'm thinking about setting up a channel sometime soon...it could be super fun, and most bloggers seem to have it and vise-verse. Go for it! :D

    1. Thanks, I love yours as well!
      I think it would be fun! I don't know how to make or edit videos though. I'd have to just film and directly upload, like one shot, or actually take time to learn something new. Former? I think so!

  2. Congrats on your part!
    You'll do awesome, I'm sure.;) I want to came see it so bad!
    Go pouch-school!*wink*

  3. Yes! You should have a youtube channel! And then you should send me the link so I can enjoy watching you! ;)))


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