January 8, 2013


Blogger is being weird and not letting me upload pictures, which is bad because I almost always have something to show you guys. I have a few topical posts planned and a super exciting surprise anyway!

How about an "I'm excited for 2013" post then? I'm so late too.

*goes to read journal post form Dec. 31* What?? It's not there! Um, for some reason, my computer (BAD computer!) decided that my hopes/goals/wishes for 2013 were not worth saving. I'm sad. I'll wing it. The three catagories are mixed together.

Gaining up to and staying at 110 lbs.
Work out regularly and get some muscle. Increase stamina.
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Watch Doctor Who
Finish Jr year with all A's
Turn 17
Get drivers license
Read 100 books
Watch 100 films
Oblivion, Epic, The Great Gatsby, Man of Steel, Lone Ranger, and Despicable Me 2
Get 50 Twitter followers
Get 50 Blog followers
Perform in Seussical the Musical
Visit KeKeJ in California
Read and watch Harry Potter
Dye hair
Getting my braces off

What do you think? Sorry so many have to do with movies! Actually, no I'm not.

More posts when Blogger decides not to be a butt. Also, don't forget about the special surprise that's coming up! It has to do with me, KeKeJ, cheese, and a teddy bear...



  1. Hope you enjoy Doctor Who, it's my favorite TV series. I'll follow your Twitter, where is a link? About uploading pictures, I have the same problem. Assuming you are using Internet Explorer, I have yet to find a way around getting the pictures uploaded. However, if you have an alternate web browser like the free Google Chrome, that will probably work. Unfortunately I have not found another way to get it to work.... Good luck with your 2013 goals!


    1. I'm super excited, but I'm also planning on watching some anime and stuff, so I don't know which (or Who! lol) to do first.
      Thanks a lot, but my Twitter is under my own name, so I'm probably not going to link that with this online identity. It sounds weird, but I think it is safer. Maybe I'll link the two someday.
      I'm so annoyed! I don't know what to do. At least it's not just my problem, or the problem of my silly little computer.
      Thanks! You too!

  2. Hey, turning 17 in 2013 is one of my goals, too! I hope I make it.
    I am also massively looking forward to both The Hobbit and Hunger Games!
    Good luck getting an awesome part in Suessical!

    1. Okay, that's not exactly a goal, more like something I'm excited about. I don't know why. It sounds like I'm expecting to die!
      Thanks! You too! did you know we're double casting?


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