January 21, 2013

Black and White

A bunch of things have been cooking up in the old noggin, some of which are going to go into this post. Naturally. Sorry, if it's rambly, but I promise it's all connected.

Anyway, I'm been thinking about the importance of truth and perfect honestly. I'm also reading Insurgent, which is a dystopian with a government composed of "factions", one of which being Candor. If you know your vocabulary and roots and stuff, you probably guessed that that had to do with Truth. It does, and I would recommend Divergent and Insurgent, the sequel. The colors and symbols for Candor are black and white and scales, respectively, causing me to think about black and white. And that's it. That wasn't as long or important or interesting as I had hoped! haha, a) I believe in Truth b) I'm reading Insurgent c) here are some b&w pictures!
I just love that this looks like sacrifice and dedication.

Makes me want to dance more than I already do. And by dance I mean learn how. I love it, but can't.

 Don't need words for Batman and a dragon.

I just love this. I don't even know why, maybe it is the metaphor of surviving. The paint drips almost suggest that it's not real.
Joe agrees

Joe, you are too darn precious and everything beautiful and wonderful.

I firmly believe that that picture was what photography was invented for. Talk about capturing a moment. 

Dreams come true. Nightmares are dreams too.


I hope you enjoyed this. I sure did. I love "scrapbook" posts, as I call them. It turns out that Blogger hates me and won't put the pictures where I wanted them, so this'll have to do. A word is worth a thousand pictures and a picture worth a thousand words. I try to weave them together. "Weave" is always used for words and pictures... I try to jimmy them together. No? I think so.

I'd love your thoughts.

Listening to Can't Buy Me Love by House of Heroes.

Love you people, thanks for the inspiration.

With a flourish, bBj


  1. While I have not read Divergent and Insurgent but I have heard about the series. I like the dragon photo, it appears to be from Skyrim.


  2. I love that you started out a b/w post with a colored picture! lol.


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