January 30, 2013

minimalist posters (part 5)

Aren't you excited? I'm finally getting around to posting some more of these. Now we're at the fun category of Animated films. Yes, some of these posters naturally belong in several categories, but I chose the ones I did for a reason. These are all blue too!

 The clock with no numbers serves the purpose of the ambiguity of Wonderland and showing the main symbols. I love it.

This is beautiful, like the film, but simply shows Toothless as a dragon, with none of the personality, which is a good idea so you'll be surprised.

Simple like the concept of the movie. It doesn't focus on the music, but on the magic, which is what the music is anyway.

And now...Miyazaki. Nothing left to say, except that I love the watercolor style for the sky.

Perfection. There are so many things that Spirited Away can be recognized by, but this is perfect.

I hope you like these as much as I do. Have you seen them all? Which was your favorite? By the way, the background for the Alice one is the color that I want the bottom half of my hair to be when I grow it out.

One more post of random ones, then Nolan films is the schedule.

Movie loving billyBobjoe


  1. My favorite of these is definitely How to Train Your Dragon. The poster is great and so was the movie. I have seen some of Howl's Moving Castle, but only around 10 minutes.
    Looking forward to the Nolan posters.


    1. You really ought to watch all of Howl's Moving Castle. Even if it isn't "your style", it is a fantastic film and worth viewing.

  2. My favorite is the Howls Moving Castle.
    L.O.V.E. the silhouette look, and the water color/shades of blue.:-)
    The funky cuteness of the Alice In Wonderland poster is just darling too.;)
    Nice picks.

    1. Have you seen it?? I do as well.

      "funky", "cute", and "darling" are all good word choices for that poster! :)

    2. Which one?
      And if you're referring to the newer Alice, then no, I haven't seen either of them.
      The posters are still fun though.;)

  3. How to Train Your Dragon, Yes!!!!!


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