May 30, 2012


How do you like it here? The colours, design? Tell me what you think! I've needed a design for a while, and hope to learn HTML myself sometime so I can do it.

May 24, 2012

Things that don't change and the new EP




the desire to communicate with them all the time, be it with calls or texting.

school, namely geometry


saying goodbye

excitement about summer and vacations

I know I didn't hit them all, but these are the ones that I'm dealing with! Yes, braces hurt. Did anyone ask? Don't care, still told you! And they're purple. I have already disobedied the orthodontist! They said to only eat one chip at a time, and I put two in my mouth at one time like a baus! It wasn't that exciting, and it kind of hurt. I've also been eating a ton of marshmallows...but I bet you really don't care about how I've kept alive since getting a mouthful of metal.

Well, I'm super excited about that down there! Any new music of his is welcome. I've actually not heard them all yet, but I will soon. Thanks Adam for giving me inspiration and optimism!

So that's what's up. I'm currently in the middle of Wuthering Heights, which is really good, and Paralandra, also very good. Former by Charlotte Bronte and latter by C.S. Lewis. It had been told me that I would most likely like Paralandra better than Out of the Silent Planet, but so far I have not. If you haven't read The Space Trilogy, do so now! I suggest other Lewis books first, but if you have any questions, just ask!

bBj, who's "leeeaaavin' on a jet plane".... *loud singing*

May 22, 2012

the Avengers!

This is really late, sorry.

Anyway, I went to see The Avengers the week it opened after a recital with some friends. We were all together and very much in need of epicness, (who isn't?) so we went. And it was late. And it was fun!

 That's, from left to right, my crazy older sister, her bestie, my bro (not biological brother, but Bro), my older, crazy sister, Moi, the Bro's big bro, and the Dude, who happens to be the Bestie's big, younger brother. And we're loitering...

"That's what you call ironic!" Kudos if you guess the quote.

 This is what happens when you ask your big sister you take a simple picture of you with a poster! I'm not wearing the same thing as above because I'm a rebel, and wore my Avengers shirt to go see THG the second time, which was when this was taken.

That's better! Over >> there
The same thing happened, this time with the Bestie, who was told about the tradition. Yes, all you can see of me is my hand and part of my water bottle. Anyway, I'm super excited about this movie and have a major crush on JGL, so... too bad you can't see him.

 I finally got a picture with Captain America!

I don't want to technically review The Avengers, not feeling qualified, and besides, haven't you already read a bunch of reviews or seen it yourself? I rest my case. I also wouldn't be able to give you first impressions because I have already seen it again!

The plot, action, and humor were all amazing! I laughed so hard, and only called a few of the lines. I can't decide if that's a good thing or not, because I love the feeling of power when I do. Moving on...
Unfortunately, I haven't seen Thor or Iron Man 1 or 2, so I didn't understand everything, but being able to figure things out relatively easily, it wasn't bad.

Hi to my newest follower The Musical Dancer!

May 18, 2012

a blog design!

Savannah Jean, the girl who got me started blogging, is hosting a Blog Design Giveaway at her place! I could really use one, and if you do, go check it out! Her designs are mega cute!

Woooohooo! I won! See how I changed the "?" to an "!"? That's brilliant. Okay. I have absolutely no idea when the new design will be up, but it'll be awesome! Thanks Savannah!

May 12, 2012

crayons and sharpies

Here's what has been going down in my life! I've been doing geometry. That isn't very fun, but I didn't start on time, so I have to do it through the summer. I hate to be typical, but proofs are annoying.

I also dug a coloring book out of my closet and have been crayoning! It's so relaxing and fun!
Little Women coloring book!
Also, I've been drawing in my journal. I have a nice sketchbook, but I feel like those drawings have to be perfect. Either inspired by a picture in my head or an Owl City song, mostly. I had probably just come home from the BBB cast party when I did the All-American one!

Every time I go outside, I stand on the mailbox. Why? Let me think about it. Uh, because it's fun? Yeah, pretty much.

I'm kind of broke. And I will be after I order my yearbook. I have to get a job, which is on my list of short-term goals. Yes, I have physical lists of short-term goals. It makes me all the more rewarded when I obtain them. I think I will work at Chick-Fil-A this summer after my birthday.

I'm a caveman. Yep. My iPod is dying/dead/won't work and my computer is mega slow. I think I'm going to buy a Kindle Fire. Thoughts?

I've recently done three things on my bucket list: draw all over my shoes, finish a shampoo bottle and conditioner bottle in the same shower, and perform Bye Bye Birdie!

I drew the BBB icon, and my friends in the cast signed them! I wear them all the time. Ironic, because I don't like the shoes themselves at all. 

Weird? Yes. An accomplishment? Yes!
So, yeah! The pictures of mine are MINE, so don't steal! Okay, thanks!

May 4, 2012

we love you, Conrad!

Oh yes, we do! I just got back from the opening night of Bye Bye Birdie, which was fantomigorical!
I'm exhausted. I'm happy. I can't wait to perform it again and again. I'll be back next year if at all possible!

My mind is full of choreo, leather jackets, pineapples, quick changes, and laughter. You ought to be jealous.

Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you, but watch out for tomorrow. It's the Revenge of the Fifth!

~Deborah Sue

PS Avengers assemble! There was no way that I could make it last night, so I'll go see it next weekend. If you spoil it for me, you die... a long, slow, deathly death.

May 1, 2012

a purse of happy cherries

I'm so happy!

If you want to envision me as Bert from Mary Poppins floating around a room and singing, go ahead. That's how I feel. I'll start to feel guilty for sitting around and doing nothing, then realize that I have NO homework, then leisurely do nothing some more! Actually, I have to do geometry like gangbusters because I'm behind, but I'm taking a week off until I really focus on that.

This is something that I just bought:

Isn't it cute? I think it's amazing. I also bought my summer purse, which is also adorable. If you know me, you know that I wear incredably large purses, so I decided on a backpack purse, which is supposedly the "next HOT thing for Summer!!" or whatev.

They both go in my cozy nook together!

That isn't what I call it, because actually that picture represents most of my side of the bedroom. Anyway, the nightstand holds my journal, Bible memorization book, Q&A journal, lyric journal, and whichever book I happen to be reading on the top shelf. The bottom shelf is for my purse, but that's not what it looks like now!
That's the great thing about pictures: they hold a moment in time, regardless.

I have this random piece of paper on my wall with, as you can probably can tell, a lyric from Good Life, my song for 2012.

This next one is my M&M graph, which goes to show that I have OCD badly. :) Someday, I'll show this to my future kids so they won't think that they made M&M graphs up!

That's a random note to end on, but that's the way I like it! Got to go, I'm watching I Am Number Four with my Dad.

Over and out, bBj