May 22, 2012

the Avengers!

This is really late, sorry.

Anyway, I went to see The Avengers the week it opened after a recital with some friends. We were all together and very much in need of epicness, (who isn't?) so we went. And it was late. And it was fun!

 That's, from left to right, my crazy older sister, her bestie, my bro (not biological brother, but Bro), my older, crazy sister, Moi, the Bro's big bro, and the Dude, who happens to be the Bestie's big, younger brother. And we're loitering...

"That's what you call ironic!" Kudos if you guess the quote.

 This is what happens when you ask your big sister you take a simple picture of you with a poster! I'm not wearing the same thing as above because I'm a rebel, and wore my Avengers shirt to go see THG the second time, which was when this was taken.

That's better! Over >> there
The same thing happened, this time with the Bestie, who was told about the tradition. Yes, all you can see of me is my hand and part of my water bottle. Anyway, I'm super excited about this movie and have a major crush on JGL, so... too bad you can't see him.

 I finally got a picture with Captain America!

I don't want to technically review The Avengers, not feeling qualified, and besides, haven't you already read a bunch of reviews or seen it yourself? I rest my case. I also wouldn't be able to give you first impressions because I have already seen it again!

The plot, action, and humor were all amazing! I laughed so hard, and only called a few of the lines. I can't decide if that's a good thing or not, because I love the feeling of power when I do. Moving on...
Unfortunately, I haven't seen Thor or Iron Man 1 or 2, so I didn't understand everything, but being able to figure things out relatively easily, it wasn't bad.

Hi to my newest follower The Musical Dancer!


  1. Cool! I just went to see the Avengers, and I completely fell in love with it! I haven't seen Iron Man 1 or 2, Thor, or any of the other superhero movies like Captain America, but I am definitely planning to see them now!

    -Musical Dancer ;)

    1. I've only seen Cap America, so I'll be having a superhero party with friends soon to remedy that!

  2. You haven't seen Thor or the Iron Man's??!! Those are awesome movies. You should also watch The Incredible Hulk (the 2008 version, not the one just called Hulk). All of those movies that came before have cameos and teasers for the Avengers. :)

    1. I know they are! I knew Norton was the Hulk, and was surprised to see him acting alongside the dude that plays Hawkeye, but not in Avengers, in the fourth Bourne movie! I should watch those too... So many movies, so little time!


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