May 12, 2012

crayons and sharpies

Here's what has been going down in my life! I've been doing geometry. That isn't very fun, but I didn't start on time, so I have to do it through the summer. I hate to be typical, but proofs are annoying.

I also dug a coloring book out of my closet and have been crayoning! It's so relaxing and fun!
Little Women coloring book!
Also, I've been drawing in my journal. I have a nice sketchbook, but I feel like those drawings have to be perfect. Either inspired by a picture in my head or an Owl City song, mostly. I had probably just come home from the BBB cast party when I did the All-American one!

Every time I go outside, I stand on the mailbox. Why? Let me think about it. Uh, because it's fun? Yeah, pretty much.

I'm kind of broke. And I will be after I order my yearbook. I have to get a job, which is on my list of short-term goals. Yes, I have physical lists of short-term goals. It makes me all the more rewarded when I obtain them. I think I will work at Chick-Fil-A this summer after my birthday.

I'm a caveman. Yep. My iPod is dying/dead/won't work and my computer is mega slow. I think I'm going to buy a Kindle Fire. Thoughts?

I've recently done three things on my bucket list: draw all over my shoes, finish a shampoo bottle and conditioner bottle in the same shower, and perform Bye Bye Birdie!

I drew the BBB icon, and my friends in the cast signed them! I wear them all the time. Ironic, because I don't like the shoes themselves at all. 

Weird? Yes. An accomplishment? Yes!
So, yeah! The pictures of mine are MINE, so don't steal! Okay, thanks!


  1. We have that coloring book!:D
    This is kinda ironic, but we just watched that movie a second ago....while we're sitting here in the beach house!;P BTW!! This is totally random, but! while we were searching for sea shells, Leanna found a Star Fish!!! It was alive!:o
    ....................OK, sorry about that bunny trail!...........

    Holt5 <3 (@)

  2. Lovely art work, doll! There is something terribly enchanting about crayons, I think! ;)

    And,congrats on your accimplishment!


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