June 13, 2012

Das animals

I had so much fun at the zoo! I saw animals that I didn't even know existed! A lot of these I wasn't zooming my camera in on. I actually was that close!
A giant jackrabbit

The back of that guy's head is cool...

This is Gao Gao, after which I named my panda stuffed animal! Who also reminds me of Jake.

Python skeleton

I was the animal for a long time, because 1) I couldn't see down because my legs were sore and 2) from animal charades in the pool.

"Hello, ladies."

Holy pumpkins! He was so precious!

This dude was just roaming around, mowing the grass. I was that close!


Albino Burmese Python is my favorite animal print ever!

"I am so far above you!"

The Aventures of Gnome

I haven't sorted out each day in my mind yet, so I can't give you a day-by-day analysis! I've had so much fun though. You know how some people take a travel gnome with them to take pictures with on vacations and such? Well, I have a LEGO gnome for that same purpose. His name is Gnome.

In California

At the San Diego Zoo!
Me and KeKeJ, technically, my Dwagon and her Companion Cube.

Yes, I was stereotypical and bought the Icee at the zoo just for the squiggly cup!
 We have been eating so well. The four of us girls went to Tommy Bahama for lunch yesterday. It had an amazing atmosphere and the food was delicious.

Chicken Quesidilla. Nom nom.
 We have also been doing a lot of shopping! KeKeJ and I got dropped off at the mall day before yesterday. We went to Sears, Barnes & Nobel, Payless, Forever 21, Express, Icing, Wet Seal, Pat and Oscars...
I got lots of cute things and can't wait to post pictures of them when I get a chance.

Yesterday, the four of us girls went to their high-end strip mall. I'm talking like Gucci high-end.

I've been wanting harem pants for a long time, and asked the lady at Anthropologie if they had any. They didn't, but these super wide-legged pants came close. I wanted them a lot! They make me look short though. And kind of scary, now that I look at it.

I checked a book called 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die out from their library. I wanted to make some lists and see how close I am. heh heh, hardly. When I got here, I had seen 33. Now, I have seen 35! Yay. 36 if you count Inception, which isn't in the book I checked out, but is in the updated version. *evil laughter* I've even seen more than Hami, KeKeJ's big bro!

I've been swimming a lot too. Pictures of the animals from the zoo coming later.

PS I got freckles from my sunburn!

June 8, 2012

wish you were here

Actually, not. I don't really, but that's the thing to say! bwahahahah! I'm having so much fun, and SoCal is beautiful! This is such a postcard picture, but marvelous none the less.

I watched Roman Holiday one evening and Jurassic Park the next. Not similar, at all. Velociraptors, to say the least, are nightmare fuel. They scared the crap out of me!
I also have been swimming a lot (twice), complete with animal charades. If you don't know how to play, you must 1) never have been a kid or 2) are just plain stupid. Kicks were had by all. That right down there is MDSF's head.

Either feet pictures are really gross or really nice and relaxing looking. I'm choosing the latter for this particular moment.

This picture made my life. Seriously. We all (mostly) trooped to the library, where I found this. Margo is in California!

I've had In-N-Out, gone to the library, watched a bunch of movies, eaten at The Cheesecake Factory, gone to their youth group, read, and eaten. I've really eaten a lot. My mom literally told the family that I'm staying with to fatten me up. I don't know why I've been losing weight, but I have. I certainly am eating a lot!

More to come!

June 1, 2012


It's June! *rejoicing*

My birthday is the day after tomorrow and I'm partying tonight! We're gonna watch Howl's Moving Castle, because 1) I love that movie 2) A few other people coming love that movie and 3) Those who haven't seen it need to be educated. We're also going to eat and play Catchphrase. Did y'all know that I'm beast at that game? I really am.

Not so beast at driver's tests. I failed my permit test this morning. It wouldn't have been a bad idea to read 1) all of the 2) correct booklet. So, I failed my first test ever. Literally, ever. Oh well. At least the rumor that bullies start about not being able to drive alone until 18 if you don't get your permit before 16 is false.

I bought new clothes today because 1) I needed them and 2) I'm leaving for CA soon! I might post pictures at some point after I get each piece approved by Daddy and the Brother. I got a red knee-length dress that is the pattern of bandanas! I also got a grey skirt with green and purple stitching. What else? And a green dress, but I don't know if it'll work.

The cake.....is Batman!!! *theme music* Yes, a(n almost) sixteen year old girl had a Batman cake and is going to watch anime for her "sweet 16". Whatcha lookin' at, punk??? jaykay!

I've been reading a lot on mah new Kindle Fire! I've read Miss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children...

 and two Lowry's: Gossamer and Gatherine Blue. I loved them all, but the one with the picture representing it was my favorite! I do enjoy reading Lowry though.

I'm off to go put balloons on the mailbox! I'll be back when "I'm sixteen going on seventeen..."! *music*