June 13, 2012

Das animals

I had so much fun at the zoo! I saw animals that I didn't even know existed! A lot of these I wasn't zooming my camera in on. I actually was that close!
A giant jackrabbit

The back of that guy's head is cool...

This is Gao Gao, after which I named my panda stuffed animal! Who also reminds me of Jake.

Python skeleton

I was the animal for a long time, because 1) I couldn't see down because my legs were sore and 2) from animal charades in the pool.

"Hello, ladies."

Holy pumpkins! He was so precious!

This dude was just roaming around, mowing the grass. I was that close!


Albino Burmese Python is my favorite animal print ever!

"I am so far above you!"


  1. I love all those adorable animals!!! Except, like, the snakes, and that weird turle thing, and the snotty flamigo! But, oh what a cute panda!!!

  2. And the monkey???? I almost died of jealously that I am not that precious monkey!

  3. I never would have thought snake skin could be pretty or anything. I was badly mistaken! Love The Yellow and white design!

    Holt5 <3 (@)

  4. Those animals are so cool! and that monkey is adorable!! I love the zoo!

  5. btw, I thought everyone would know that I know that the first picture is of a kangaroo, and NOT a jackrabbit! The rabbit thing is a family joke. I forgot that not everyone knows of it.


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