July 9, 2012

road trip

And a long one at that. What follows are things that I recorded while riding through the desert.

The black deer in the orange landscape perpetually crossed the street as we watched the desert go by, on and on.

As the sun went around the world to provide bright tomorrows for the other side of the world, it bathed the dirt with silver. The trees were blue. The sky was a watercolour of great value. The fiery ball suspended in space mixed a gold and silver alloy out of the clouds. There are not names for the colours in the air. The song is right: mountains are purple majesties.

Prickly old men, stuck in the sand, reached toward the very thing sucking the watery blood out of them.

Do the stars look down and trace constellations in the trees?

I mean, not that there are trees in the desert, but it was a nice thought. The second refers to one of the most stunning sunsets I've seen in recent times.

Anyway, I just needed a little closure on the CA trip, before I go gallavanting to CO! For all you know, I could have still been there. I know, post more often. I hope too, but I've been super-mega=busy.

Also, I got my driver's permit today! I can now learn to drive! I also got bottom teeth braces on. My face really hurts... AND I have a job interview tomorrow morning. The first for a job in a "real" work environment. I'm going through all these rites of passage at the same time!

I'm growing up! Arghh! Stop it! jk, I love it.


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