July 31, 2012

Oh look!

I have a blog! I totally forgot! Actually, I haven't forgotten, because it's been hanging over my shoulder like a raincloud-that-hangs-over-shoulders. Not that I don't want to post, but I didn't have anything to say. Now I do.
Aren't the Olympics amazing? I love watching them. And I mean hey! They're in London.

School (CC) starts next Monday. I'm excited about doing it again, but don't want it to start now! The classes are going to be split up differently, and the people will all be different. I'm not afraid; I rarely am, but am apprehensive. I also need to finish geometry and prep for the PSAT and ACT.

I got a "real" job! I'm working at CFA, and so is my sister and best friend here in AR! My bro has been working there for a while. I'm super excited about having money again. I'm in debt with my parents, aaannnd kinda all of my siblings, soooo.

Take a look at-well, actually don't-at my stats on Goodreads! I am so behind in my reading challenge. I haven't sat down and read since a car ride! I should wake up on time occasionally so I can be productive, but I'm waiting for Fall to do that. Seriously, if I was just a llama, nothing would be this crazy.

I can't do drama this semester. That is, scheduled, curricular drama. The other kind will be prevalent I can already tell.

This is probably my favorite painting, not that I really know much about art. It's the Nighthawks if you didn't know. I want a copy in my room someday.

Speaking of my bucket list, I have so many things on there that I planned for 2012! I saw a CO sunrise, wished on a dandelion, visited Four Corners, went to the Grand Canyon, rode in a double-decker bus, got a job, rode on a rollercoaster, finally visited my friend, rode a massive zipline, got my permit, watched The Avengers, bought a bunch of new books, bought new clothes, went to Disney, watched The Hunger Games, wished on a shooting star, and saw The Dark Knight Rises!

I randomly decided to count how many new movies I had seen this year from my movie list, and I had watched exactly 50! Weird. Now I've seen 51 or 52, but still. Isn't that an amazing mash-up of Batman and the villians? wow.

Well, I'm off to go do mega-important things. I'll probably just eat, but hey, that's important!

I'll try to stick around. Oh look! Krill!

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  1. I love watching the Olympics too, I watch just about every event that is aired.
    That mash-up is very cool, in a way is symbolizes Joker's great quote during the interrogation scene "You complete me."
    Going to see The Dark Knight Rises tomorrow night, can't wait to see it.



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