August 16, 2014

littles happies and the Boy Who Lived

I just want to be surrounded by things I love.

I guess that's what everyone wants.

But right now, with my music and my stuffed animal and my notebooks and journals and doodles and laptop and online collections of pictures and books, I'm so happy.

I guess this is the introvert in me being satisfied. Normally I'd rather be with people than not, but right now me and my hobbies are enough for me.

So hi! I'm currently sick, hence the random posting and quiet happiness in my hobbies that I don't always take time for. My summer has been fun. I've hung out a lot with my little group of friends. I started dating my best friend a little over a month ago as well. I'm pretty ecstatic happy about that.

Also, I'm not going to college this fall, though I graduated in May. I'm taking a gap year before going to a Christian private school to study archival history.

I haven't read much this summer/year but the few books I have read have included Harry Potter! I finally began that fantastic journey that I've been looking forward to for ages it seems. I've currently read all but Deathly Hallows, which I began but never finished so I could finish it with my sister and brother. I've also seen the first four movies, which I love to death. Harry Potter won't just be another fandom to me, of which I have many, but something special. I've loved experiencing it alongside my family and can't wait to share it with my own family someday.

Let's see. What else is new? I saw and LOVED Guardians of the Galaxy to death.

I'll probably be back pretty soon, when I get my new laptop at least. :)

xoxo Callie Anna