January 11, 2013


I'm a lot like an elephant. I guess, in only one way though. I have a super good memory! If you tell me to turn right, I'll look at you and say, "which way??", but if you mention that you once liked such-and-such four years ago, I will remember that forever. It's a little creepy. Ask the people I text! Also, elephants are just cute! They can be old and wise looking or whimsical, like owls.

 Gah, so much love for elephants! A friend of mine actually gave me an elephant stuffed animal for Christmas and her name is Queen Peanut Mousie. I call her "you cute little fuzzy precious cuddly squeezy huggable thing you" for short. I'll get a picture on here of her later.



  1. "...no elephants? What kind of establishment is this??? 'Cmon, Dumbo. Let's go home."

  2. @Dave, I feel like such a poser now. I've never seen Dumbo! Joseph Gordon-LEvitt says he loves it and always cries sooooo I HAVE to see it now!

  3. OH MY GOSH! love the butterfly wings! So creative!

    Aw, can't wait to see a pix of your
    *elphyant*! ;)))


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