December 24, 2011

a trip around the Christmas tree

'Twas the (new year, and I never got my pictures posted about the) night before Christmas, and all through the house...

 Here are a bunch or ornaments from our tree.

This is the type of mushroom that I like!

I love this one! So cute!

My mom's tree has a lot of diversity. Us kids usually have our own tree to put our ornaments on, so my mom's is a "thing of beauty," and not to be touched, but a few things have changed as we have gotten older!

I think this car is very cute.

My mom loves the beach, and got this in St. George's Island when we went a while back.

This one is for my dad, who used to play saxophone. I say "used to", but I want him to start again! He was good too!

I just think this crown is pretty.

I am a Coca-Cola fan! Vintage is good, but vintage Coke is even better! This little vending machine is so cute!

I just bought a pink, polar bear, Coke t-shirt, too!

Someday I want this ornament.

This will make my older sister unbearably happy, that I posted a picture of her marvelously wrapped present! Isn't is cute? Unfortunately, it wasn't for me. *sad*

Get it? It's Christmas... in a nutshell! The outside looks like a walnut. It makes me excited! I will never forget my amazement when I understood this.

My Christmas was very good! I'm not going to try to tell everything I received, but I will say that I did get headphones, a lava lamp, a flash drive, which I returned because I found that which was lost on Christmas day, Star Wars OT in BluRay, some tshirts, and a necklace. What did you get?

Merry New Year.

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  1. I think I like the mushroom the best!
    (Its so CUTE!)

    Next the Vending Machine!
    But there all cool:)

    Holt4 <3 (@)


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