October 4, 2011

Lovely Things (Food!)

Some lovely things I found on weheartit! Disclaimer: most of my pictures are from there! I'll let you know when they've been taken by your's truly!

A couple *coughcoughALLcough* of these have to do with food because I'm hungry right now! (I just love to eat!) Anyway...

Delicious colorful gummy bears!

I haven't had any in WAY too long!

That's it! I want gummy bears for Christmas!

Oh, and remind me to put a detailed Christmas list on here!

These remind me of a certain gummy-bear-infatuated monkey on a cute movie called "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs"! 

We all know Oreos are milk's favorite cookie, but they're also mine!

Split an Oreo = love in rainbow form!
Starbucks is marvelous!

I actually don't like coffee AT ALL, but love the ice creamy related things!

Besides, the atmosphere at Starbucks is so... Inviting!

It makes me want to go and STUDY! (While spending my money to get random foodie items! Of course.)
Icy lemonade. Can't be beaten on a hot day... or any day!

Especially with the cute mint garnish!

Brings back memories of summer.  Isn't it weird that summer is already a memory?

I wouldn't trade fall for it again though!

And last and definitely not least...


The soup of quickness, cheapness, and coziness.

Isn't it though?

Nom, supper's soon!

What are your foodie loves?

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  1. My favorites are (not in order): BBQ, Hamburger, Hot Dogs, Fried Chicken, biscuits, pizza, bacon, ice cream, peach cobbler, butter milk pie, grilled chicken, fried fish, shrimp and munch more.

  2. I've got SO many favorites! I couldn't write them all down!

    I love everything you mentioned, especially the Coffee! I know what you mean about INVITING!! (I love that place.....I wish I went there more!)


  3. Omw! talk about eye candy! yum!
    the pix of oreos is especially nice!



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