October 19, 2011


Yesterday morning just had that... cozy feeling! It was raining outside and I just noticed that my favorite tree in the backyard is partially yellow and brown! There was a buttery rum candle burning in the kitchen.

It was chilly outside.

It was quiet downstairs and I had a space heater going in my bedroom, even though it wasn't super cold.

I was also wearing huge red house shoes that look like pigs. Still am, to be perfectly honest! My friend from Comm. Central, which is my homeschool co-op, if I haven't told you, let me borrow them this week! I've already been to the grocery store, Chick-Fil-A, and the library in them.

Why that makes me cozy I really don't know!

School's going well right now and I just got elected as High School Student Council President! Yeah, I know, it's got a lot of capital letters! w00t!

We get to pick the topic for our next essay because Gulliver's Travels is too weird! o_0 Have you read it? That makes me happy because I can now somehow write about The Power of Six...

...which I just finished a few minutes ago! And I got it from the library Monday night! I'm gonna post a review on I Am Number Four and hopefully one on the movie, as soon as I see it. Then this ^ there!

It's Christmas time! Oh yes it is! Don't even try to argue. Don't dare. There is garland strewn about the Living Room and the Tree base is set up. Notice the awe in which that was typed. *wink*

I wish I could communicate the joy that Christmas and everything relating to it brings me. I'll try some time! I've been excited about Christmas for a couple months now and as soon as I get some money I will be going shopping! I also need to ascertain whether my best friend is coming to town.

I'm making friends with people at Comm. Central and by this point you probably all think I'm this hopeless girl who doesn't have any friends and gets excited about everything. That's definitely not the truth! It just feels better to let it all out when you're happy than when you're in the dumps. Just wait for the horrible post when I am. You will regret reading it! *laughs*

Unfortunately, my dear little baby computer, who is a mini, is going through one of those phases. You know how children are? He just won't cooperate and takes so long to do things! Anyway, it's a love/hate relationship. The purpose of this little spiel was just to tell y'all that it takes a long time to post and do stuffs online, so don't forget about me! I'll be around. And I'm having trouble commenting on blogs, but that's my problem!

'Nough for now...


  1. I absolutely LOVE fall and winter!!!
    forget the other two seasons *giggle*


  2. You mentioned Christmas! :) Just a reminder!
    You need to write up a x-mas list! ;P



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