November 4, 2011


I have received these awards! Yeah, a long time ago, sorry 'bout that. Back to the celebrating: w00t w00t!

I am definitely a Lord of the Rings fan, even though my profile says nothing about it. In my family, LOTR is a massive deal. By massive, I mean BIG! Anyway, you are allowed to read The Hobbit at the age of 12 or so, but you have to hold a conference with every other member of the family who has read it after every chapter to make sure you understand everything and so they find out what you think about it. The rules have bent a little over time, but I did that mostly. After that, you do the same with Fellowship, Towers, and Return. You are not allowed to see the movies, or know anything about them, until you have read all of the books, and the whole family that has seen them already are together. It was a big challenge to find a time when everyone could be together when my turn came, especially since we got a little out of order, with Agent 38 finishing before Cadenza. (I absolutely NEVER can remember if that's the number for her!) Anyway, I do not have a favorite character in LOTR, but I love Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, and and all the Hobbits. I know, I know, that is a long list, but who's counting?
I don't know if any of my followers do not already have this award, or if they deserve it! I award it to you if you can do a real post, unlike this, on LOTR, and will! *giggles in an evil manner* I'll be watching, as always.

I have no idea what the Stylish Blogger award means, or what I am supposed to do with it, so... I'm just glad to have it! And I award it to Bre!

Thanks everyone for reading! I love blogging, and hope to continue for a while. Don't stop commenting! (That sounds better if you sing it to Don't Stop Believing!)



  1. I didn't know anything about the books when I first saw the movies in theaters. But after seeing them I was hooked on the movies but I haven't read the books because I am not really a book person. I will most likely read the books some day. They are my favortie movie of all time after Star Wars. :)

  2. I totally just saw this post. I had no idea you gave me that award. You're so sweet! You made my day much better. :) Love you!


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