March 30, 2013

a package and some care

You know what? I'd be fine with not getting sick for, oh, at least a month or so. You guessed it. I'm sick again. Did I ever stop being sick? I swear if I can't get well...then I guess I'll stay sick.

One of the perks of being an eternal invalid is getting care packages! Yes indeed! I received this hand-delivered to my door today by Dave! You may've seen him comment before. Thanks Dave! It was addressed to my real name. You got me. My real name isn't billyBobjoe, it's Mrs. Benedict Cumberbatch. It had Owl City mixtapes and an annoying monkey stuffed animal that screams when thrown at people and old comic strips! He gets me.

No, you can't see where I live.

I bought this super cute mug a while back, and there it is sitting on my newly arranged shelves. I should've taken real pictures of the shelves, shouldn't I? Bad me!

These next ones were from a trip my family took to see my little sister's State Archery Tournament. We shopped at antique stores and thrift shops and got ice cream and had fun. i bought an antique key! It's reall pretty and I put it on a necklace. But what was really interesting to me was this sign! I cracked up! Apparently guys are happy and girls are sad. Or, he's glad that she's on the other side of the wall, and she's lonely.

Yay! Ice cream at The Fudge Factory! It was delish too!
I'm up a stump without a paddle. No kidding, I love that phrase and  frequently use it IRL. What I meant was, I don't have anything to say. I'm constantly sick, trying to get well, trying to do homework and other activities without dying, and have fun when I feel well.

The weather where I live has been almost as random as my health, sunny one morning, then stormy that night. SUNNY WITH A HIGH OF 75! That's a song.

I'll be back when I have something to say. Wait, don't leave me! Let me loooooove youuuu! And now I'm in a weird mood. Thanks. Or I might be feverish. Once I was feverish and watched Yellow Submarine. That was trippy. Anyway...peace out!


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  1. It takes talent to write when you have nothing to say.
    That is all.
    Oh, and Yellow Submarine is trippy whether you're going insane from sickness or not.


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