March 4, 2013

The many faces of bBj

Hi. I'm billyBobjoe for those of you newer readers. I do weird things sometimes.

Sometimes I look redweebulous.
Sometimes I try to look cute.

Sometimes I'm a rainbow unicorn.

Sometimes my hair doesn't behave.

Sometimes I'm in shock. See? I have a blanket!

Sometimes I look creepily like David Tennent.
But I always do odd things.

Yes, this was just an excuse for the selfies, but they are funny and entertaining at least! And no duckfaces! How do you like the skelly face? I rather liked it. Totally on a whim this evening. Yes, my brain goes, "well, all we're doing in watching Doctor Who, so why not?" Love you people! No more selfie posts for a while.


I'm out, billyBobjoe


  1. The first picture is hilariously weird! Guess you do look kind of like David Tennant in that picture. Glad you decided to watch Doctor Who, I love the show.


    1. It is so boss. Last night I watched the last two episodes of the first season and the first two of the second. Still like Nine better so far. Love ten though! And seriously, Doctor Who knows how to do werewolves. *shivers*

  2. Love the pics. Sometimes my younger sister and I will do stuff like that. Isn't Doctor Who just brilliant?!

    1. Thanks! It is so amazing and unique and wonderful. Oh my gosh.


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