March 22, 2013

sometimes I think a lot

Hey guise! Remember me? Yeah, me neither. Gosh it's been forever.

How do I expect myself to create a popular YouTube channel without first taking care of my blog?      Well, that's not how I meant to tell y'all, but hey! I plan on doing that this summer, if this summer decides to come.

Only 4 or 5 weeks of school left, depending on how you count the week where we eat and take finals at my co-op. Actually, I just don't remember. What? An elephant never forgets! So maybe I'm not actually an elephant...

Moving on.        Naturally, I've been thinking about life choices recently.

How could I not with colleges telling me all the time how special and smart I am and how well I'll fit in at the U of U more so than any other school?

I'm only a Jr! I feel way too young to have to be dealing with these things. Is everyone else really this young when they do this stuff? Apparently. But then I realized, everyone else is just as scared as I am about the future. It's scary isn't it? It's all fuzzy and future-y. We don't know anything about it.
About college
and majors
and careers
and relationships
and dating
and marriage
and all sorts of other things that don't seem as big, but are big in the perspective of your life.

Yeah, those are big deals, but we don't have to put that much pressure on ourselves! Sure, decisions always always always have consequences, but I believe that God has a plan for my life, so I can trust that He'll bring about His will in my life. Is that not crazy encouraging?

I keep trying to grab the wheel (an apt analogy because I can't even drive) and take control, but my selfishness just ends up messing everything up.

I dreamed last night that I knew that Jesus was coming back that day. I could see people running and hiding or waiting on hilltops. Of course, since it was simply a dream, it didn't coincide with what I know to be true about the eventual return of Christ, but it made me think. I saw an old man whip his head around to the sky as lightning flashed. It was almost as if he heard Someone calling to him. He run toward the light with eager anticipation, faster than he should've been able to. I woke up crying. Hopefully, you'll think on this and allow it to change your perspective. It was very real to me and I'm thankful for it.

Well, that was different. You weren't expecting a post like THAT, were you? I wasn't either.

Peace out, bBj


  1. Yep, wasn't excepting this, but I am worried about collaged considering that I am starting it in two months. However, trusting in the Lord is the most important thing. Great inspiring post!


    1. Thanks! Wow, you're even closer than I am! At least you have some of the hardest decisions behind you.

  2. Praying for you while your going through this process girlie! I know it's tough, but you are right: everyone else is just as scared as you are, and God has the perfect place for you. :)

    1. I appreciate the prayer. Always.

      I have a sneaking feeling that you and I will run into each other in my "perfect place" in the near future!

    2. Lol, you should come up here for a visit! Oh, and I tagged you today:

  3. Here comes the summer, doo doo doo doo...
    *sigh* Life just keeps on going. It seems like it's moving at a snail-y pace, until BAM! The summer's over. and/or you have already graduated. So enjoy being progressively stressed out, it will only last the rest of your life.
    Hope that helped...somehow...
    Seriously though, enjoy little things. That's all I got. ;)

    1. You're right. If I get the wrong size perspective, it does nothing other than confuse me. I do find so much joy in the small things! But thanks for the assurance that I will be stressed for the rest of my life! THAT'S not scary or anything. ;)


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