May 14, 2013

Travels // La'Haina

La'Haina is a little touristy, quirky town that used to be a port. It's an hour drive from where we are staying. You don't "go" to La'Haina, you "do" La'Haina. Take it all in. Shop. Breathe. Do unashamedly touristy things.

 It's so wonderfully blue and green and American. Look at that!

 Oh and were they the best burgers! I don't EVER say this. I don't say this lightly, but that was the best burger I've ever had. It had bacon, pineapple, Maui onion, and Hawaiian sauce. Oh my was it good.

 Nom. The place had a 50s diner feel. Not like, "we're trying really hard to be relevant and appeal to a generation obsessed with vintage", but like "we happen to have lots of cool memorabilia and have an awesome atmosphere". So yeah, I bought the tee shirt.

 Dude, did I enjoy that burger. I wouldn't post such an odd, slightly unattractive picture unless I wanted to prove my love to that burger.

 Apparently Maui, specifically La'Haina, has a touch of Britain. So that was just there.

 Hawaiian Sunset shave ice. It was delicious. It was flavored mango, guava, and strawberry. See? I had such amazing food!

This is America's largest Banyan tree. It stretches over three city blocks. The branches grow out and drop down to the ground, making new trunks. It was really neat! That's the main trunk.

This guy had some gorgeous birds to get Real Hawaiian Feeling Tropical Pictures taken with.

Pretty bird

I talked the parents into letting me get a tattoo. This was at a place called Henna Lounge, but my tattoo wasn't henna. It was jagua, which is a new product. It lasts longer than henna and looks black like ink.

Before anyone asks, it means "Rat" because I was born in 1996. I have a necklace charm of this kanji as well. Also, before you get all "ew rats are gross and that must mean that you're gross and nasty too" (oh my gosh stap being like that) I'll say that the Rat is the beginning of the Chinese zodiac, making it the most important. The rat is synonymous with intelligence and ambition. Those born in the year of the Rat are supposedly clever, quick-witted, funny, and sharp. I appreciate these traits and wish to identify with them.

Well, that was La'Haina. It was amazing and fun! I did some shopping and came home full and tired.

We leave for home tomorrow morning. When I get back I'll get the rest of the trip presented in blog post form for you guys and myself!



  1. Goshdarnit, now I want a burger. And a tattoo. And a parrot. Kind of strange.

    1. Yes and yes, but no parrot. We had to have this conversation as a partial family after seeing the pretty birds. They carry diseases and smell awful. They're a lot of work and live freaking FOREVER. Like 20 years. Okay, "forever" for a bird. It's like having a child...being a single parent. I Burgers and tattoos (preferably temporary stain tattoos) are all clear though.

      What would you do without me?? Had to set ya clear.


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