May 4, 2013

partees and people and OMG IM GOING TO HAWAII

*walks sheepishly to the computer, turns it on, and sighs*

Sorry guys, I just got so DANG-ED busy all of a sudden! I did stuff every day. Like, I mean, WENT places and did stuff!


I don't have pix right now because I'm a terrible, lazy human, and like to not live through the lens of a camera when hanging out with people. SIDE NOTE: "people" sounds like "perplle" when I say it because I got stupid rubber bands (which is bubber rands with the first letters switched. you're welcome) in my face for my braces.

So I had prom, which was super fun! My boy Snook took me and we danced and goofed off. It was fun. The after party was carnival-y and had inflatables, so yeah. It (prom and all) wasn't what I expected at all for some reason. I don't even know what I had envisioned, but not that. Maybe me and my friends just can't live up to the elegance and "this is the night of your life" thang.

The week after that I had school, rehearsals, and then went to my friend Katie's play with some people. We went to Sonic afterward and chilled. Literally, we chilled. It was freezing that late at night! She was super good performing as a spoon. Don't judge, they were doing Beauty and the Beast!

The weekend after that I went to a Father-Daughter Banquet with my dad and little sister. That was a lot of fun, as was the bowling after party, though I suck at bowling. I bowled a 64, so that's all that needs to be said. I will say, in a feeble attempt to retain my dignity, this was the worst I have ever done, normally bowling in the 80s or 90s. Oh hey I have pix for me bowling!

See my cute college swag and harem pants? I am a hobo, hipster clown.
psyching up

thur she goes!

look at that form! Yeah-huh!

My excited "I made some pins fall over!!" dance.
happay happay fist pumps!!1!

 So that was bowling. Then the next day Snook and Chris the Goat came over to watch The Three Musketeers. Watch it if you get the chance, it's wonderfully stupid and unrealistic. I'll have you know that I invited one other dude and three girls, but none of them could come so DON'T JUDGE ME.

Then came production week for Seussical. We performed three times today and we're done now and you can't understand me unless you've had post-show depression. It sucks, but in a good way. Also, I'M GOING TO HAWAII TOMORROW AND STAYING FOR TEN DAYS AND ITS GONNA BE ALL BEACHY AND STAUFFFF! So thats good! Moar pix to come. Expect the same type of thing as from my Cali trip: a couple updates, a Gnome post, then an absolute photo dump. Kay cool? Cool.

Oh but I just love my partners in crime in my cast. They are the bees knees. I love theater people because they are crazy, but also weirdly respectful (most of the time) because they know what's it's like to be told to be quiet and not sing so much. We're all so cute together too. In our makeup. Hugging each other and working together to make everything perfect and fun and special. *sigh* already nostalgia.

PEACE OUT BBYS! see ya in Solla Sollew....or the WEST COAST! YEEAAUUHHHH!

- billyBobjoe

PS little sassy person
<(    )/
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  1. Wow, going to Hawaii would be awesome! I have only bowled once but it was fun. Also what does "BBYS" stand for? I am not the most familiar with "text talk".


    1. I don't use text talk too often either. Well I have been more recently for no reason. Bbys is just short for babies!

  2. "Chris the Goat."
    ^^Hahaha! That made me laugh out loud! For real.


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