June 27, 2011

Pilot Post

Hi readers! This is the beginning of everything! I just want to let you know that this is not my diary, and that I will try my best to be faithful to you as the author of this lovely blog and to make my posts interesting and not ramble on so! I'm really excited about this and if you want to know more about me, you've probably already read the "About Me" section!
My family consists of Madre, Daddy, Bro, big sister JC, big sister Ro Joe, and little sister Stanley. Right now, Stanley's friend Ashley is here and is requesting to be an honorary family member! Y'all might hear a lot of her! I mustn't forget Stanley's rabbit Tickles or my lovely betta fish Gandalf the Purple.
Just sayin', I want to sell papes for a living! Kudos to everyone who understands!
Can't wait to get to know you and let you get to know me!


  1. I get to leave one of your first comments!!! Screamscream!! I am already lovin' your blog & can't wait to follow!

    You want to sell "papes"? Paper route? Obviously, I do NOT understand.

    Love your fishies!
    Ms. K

  2. Thanks for the very first comment Mrs. K!

    Newsies is a movie I love! Main character played my Christian Bale when he was 17... so yeah! Anyway, they call newspapers "papes"!

  3. I'm the 3rd commenter person!! YES! Did I win anything?

    So I am sincerely lovin your blog! (and the name of your fish) :) Can't wait to read more about you and Gandalf the Purple!

    Yours truly,
    hmmmm.... I need a fun nickname.... Well for now I suppose I shall just be Noodles! ;) Kudos if you can guess who I am! :)

  4. I love this blog but I love you MORE!! Can't wait to follow along...


  5. Love it bBj!!
    Made me smile!!
    Sorry it took me so long to comment! I thought that you had to have a Google account to comment. Now since I just got my own blog, I realized you dont have to have a Google account! Whups!

  6. Ok, now I am an official follower!

  7. haha!!! I love how you say to use correct grammar!!! you are so just like me!!!!!!

    I LOVE your blog!!!! you make me laugh!!!!!

    ;) love ya friend!!!!

    ~ OG


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