March 10, 2014

end of hiatus?

I can't believe you guys still check my blog.

Like wut

I'm not here. Trick though, because NOW I am.

I haven't decided if I'm coming back truly, but I felt like peeping in on Blogger and seeing how it was going. I know I know I have too many social media accounts, but what can I do?

As far as my dash shows, Blogger is dead. Approximately three people I followed before still post. Sad isn't it? People have gone to college and moved on and started using Tumblr and gotten married. It's weird. and here I am in between math lessons, listening to Arctic Monkeys for the first time and writing nonsense.

My last post was full of inspiration, but looking back, it was a high point before another storm. I guess that's why I haven't been on much. I'm sick of talking about my health and mental state and all that, so I'll just say that my life's been a roller coaster. One that only goes up, you ask? Ha. Okay.

The past and present are important and all, but right now I'm just...right now.

I'm about to graduate high school. I have a dance recital coming up. I'm going to Florida with my best friends in May.

I like music that makes me snap my fingers. Lots of music makes me want to dance and some make me headbang or clap, but only special music makes me snap along with the beats and syncopations.

Okay, turns out, I think I missed Blogging. I'm coming back I guess. I think it's probably because I'm way too obsessed with myself and like to talk about me.


  1. Welcome back dear! I admit to still being mildly obsessed with blogging. My mom says it is because I am a narcissist. ;) I hope you continue to post...there's nothing quite like spilling your thoughts on the interwebs. :)
    -Lauren (fancy new url.;))

    1. Aww thanks! Yep, that's the word I was looking for.
      I believe I shall! thanks for keeping up! :))

  2. Glad to see you back again! But yeah, a lot of Bloggers are not much posting anymore. Since I am still an obsessive maniac that can't stop posting everyday, I am still sticking around on blogger. :)



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