February 7, 2012

my costume

So this was my costume for a movie themed party! Do ya like it?

The dress was a friend's, the gun was a friend's, and my sister did my hair! I'm so self-sufficient.

My messy room...and the costume!

That's a weird face... but the real DL44!

Isn't it gorgimous? Even when messy?
So, yeah, I was Princess Leia! I won Best Star Wars Costume, which really isn't that pathetic. There were three Star Wars costumed people.

Are you gonna see TPM in 3D? I sure hope I am, but don't know when. I'm not a fan of 3D, but wasn't old enough to have experienced any SW in theaters, so this is a must.


PS - I typed "Leila" before "Leia" both times. :) You know who you are!


  1. You were so awesome!!!
    -your-favorite-person-you-have-known-your-whole-life-that-you-are-not-related-to-in-anyway!!! :)

  2. u look so pretty. u did an awesome job. :)

  3. Cool coustume. I don't think I am going to TPM. The 3D costs so much. :( I am saving it for The Avengers and The Hobbit!


  4. I love your costume! Your hair is gorgeous! How did your sister do that??

  5. You fit the role perfect! Who were the other 3 Star Wars costumed
    people dressed up as??
    Your hair looks amazing:O How long did it take??

    What ARE you talking about!? your rooms adorable!
    Your beds even made up!:P
    BTW, LOVE your purse, very cute!*wink*

    Holt5 <3 (@)

  6. I'm proud of myself - I've never seen Star Wars but I knew who you were! I think the Star Wars-obsessed bloggers are getting to me. ;) My family hopes to try Star Wars sometime, though, because we like epic sagas. ;)

    Your costume is fantastic, though! I LOVE it, great job!


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