September 24, 2012

ink and a new shirt

So, I got some new clothes the other day. I needed some new jeans that would fit until I could gain weight and wear my old ones. I got some bootcut and skinnies. Don't worry, Dad, they aren't THAT skinny! I also got a red-plaid flannel shirt. You can't have too many of those! I also got a shortsleeved hoodie that you will see below. I love it and how unique it is.

Hey look! I took pictures of the stuff I drew on myself and here they are. A keyhole on my wrist and birds on the underside of my wrist.

I also wrote "Lions make you brave" on the inside of my left bicep, not that I have much of one and drew a moon on one foot and the sun on the other. It's from the song Lions! by Lights. Very encouraging to me. I just have felt so quirky lately. If hats weren't allowed at ye olde Comm. Central, I would have totally worn my bowler with that shirt this morning. People always ask about my "tattoos" when I draw on myself. I find it pretty funny actually! A lady in B&N in California asked if "it hurt". I was like "whaaat? Oh that? Totally. The pain was immense." Then I walked away like a boss. She must've known that I was kidding though.

Anywho, just felt like sharing that random bit of bBj! Here's to beautiful symbols like the moon and birds.


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