October 3, 2012

shells and tropics

Sometimes I get so drained that I feel like just a shell. At least I'm supposed to be eating a ton, so I'm not guilty about the giant snack and Tropical Smoothie Cafe...

Things get so often described as being like the "eye of the storm", but I'm here telling you that I'm at the stormiest part, but where you can see the sun peeking out in the distance. I just have to press through to that point. I keep realizing that it will get worse, then it will get better. I'm not grumbling, just thinking and reminding myself.

It's like I know what to do, just won't bring myself to do it. It's dumb.

Well, enough of that. This is my 75th post! *rejoicing*

listening: Oh! Darling by: The Beatles

reading: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by: Stevenson. This is a re-read for school.

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  1. Does feeling bad have anything to do with you posting a lot?jk
    you're doing great girlie! Hang in there!

    Holt5 <3 (@)


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