October 1, 2012

minimalist posters (part 3)

Part 3 consists of "girlie" movies. Two of (500) Days of Summer, which I have not see, but want to, because it has Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and two Audrey Hepburn movies. Roman Holiday is the only one of these that I have seen. The color scheme is amazing and unintentional. Almost everything in 500DoS is blue, in order to highlight Zooey Deschanel's eyes, the director said.

*sigh* So darn cute.

Okaaayy, I'll do a real post next! I think I have 7 parts in all...


  1. I have not seen of these either, although my favorite movie in this genre would be The Princess Bride (not sure if it counts) and


  2. I've seen Breakfast at Tiffany's, But......
    DO NOT advice anyone else to watch it. It has a lot of sketchy parts.(LIKE A LOT. LOT. LOT!!!!!!)

    But anyways, cute poster!:D


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