July 27, 2011

Fashion and Style

I, for whatever reason, am starting to be more interested in fashion. If you really think about it, there is quite a bit of modest fashion out there! *happy dance* I'm not really talking about trends, like Toms or Converse, but real fashion, you know, from Paris and stuff! Problem just arose. I'm broke. How is this going to work? Well, my game plan looks like this:
Step 01. Find interesting fashion concept online or in magazines.
Step 02. Ascertain that this is not totally out of your range of style.
Step 03. Duplicate said concept with cheaper brands.
Step 04. Begin to shop Savers and Goodwill. There is every now and then a gem to be found!
Step 04.5. Vintage is wonderful and will save the world some day, so don't pass up any opportunities for great old pieces! My parents occasionally have really cool stuff they let me have!
(Remind me to take a picture of myself in my dad's old knit necktie that he gave me! Love it!)
Step 5. Make sure you don't buy random, but fashionable pieces that won't go with your wardrobe. If you're trying to add more interest to your next outfit on a budget, like me, you can't buy a lot of new outfits, just a blouse here and a belt there. Take your time and make sure the item can be worn with a lot of things!

Disclaimer: this is not tried-and-true. I haven't really started yet, but this is my game plan! If you have any success, let me know!
~bbj: now fashionista


  1. My blog is lying when it says I posted this a few days after the last post at a decent hour. It was really *hangs head in shame* a month afterwards and at an ungodly hour! Just so you all know!

  2. I agree with your fashion post :) thta's what I try to do when I shop...every couple months (hehe) Handmedowns are fun to :) so different!


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