July 14, 2011

Mission's and Reading

Now the reason why I'm posting early is that I'm leaving on a Mission's Trip on Monday and obviously won't have access to my lovely computer! I say leaving, and that probably gives you images of helping to share the Gospel in Africa or some other glamorous place, but in reality, which is where we live, it's a local outreach. My church is having a evangelism conference with opportunities to live out what we've just learned in the city. Anyway, I will be helping with Backyard Bible Clubs, a "downtown" ministry, and the Boys and Girl's Club. I am also super extremely excited!! Don't we Christians get so hung up with the specific "ministries" of our own personal Church and forget all about actually telling people the Good News of how a holy God came to a fallen world to save his creations and give them eternal Life? Yes, we do. How could we not be horribly pained to see so many dead people around us? That's how we should think of it. We walk around and interact with spiritual zombies all the time. God, help us to see humans the way you do! To tell the truth, which is not to say that all that was a lie, but, to tell the truth like I was just now, today it my Spiritual Birthday! Nine years ago today God brought me to my knees with the realization that I'm a sinner. Thank you LORD!
On a much lighter note: I like to read. A lot! Have you read this?
It's so wonderful! Especially if you like dystopian! Anyway, I don't read like most teenage girls, as you can tell, who only read romantic fiction, *coughcoughTwilightcough* and that not very often! Don't you just feel sad for those people? No, I practically devour books, and read way too many at once! (I correctly distinguished between "to" and "too"! I most always do, but most ordinary *say it with a sneer* people don't.) Anyway, I even read from all genres. I've read more classics than most kids my age and older. The only thing is, I can't get enough! I want to read more and more! More classics, more modern books, more mysteries, etc. My reasoning is that I want more than anything, well, more that most anything, to be a well-rounded person. One with all sorts of ideas and opinions on all subjects! Someone you can talk to about anything. Maybe it's going backwards to post this and maybe this makes me sound like a stuck-up, nerdy, perfectionist, who only likes to study. Well, I'll have you know that is not the case at all! Nerdy, yes! Someone who likes to study, yes, but definitely a "people person"! I don't know any strangers! I like to hope I'm not too (look, I did it again!) "BLAH-in-your-face-I-don't-know-you-so-I'll-introduce-myself!!!" The more I think about it, the more I realize how true that is! Oh well, feel free to disagree!
Oh, and I've just realized that for some reason, actually, for no reason, my blog isn't showing when I hit the "enter" button. As in, all this will run together and be really difficult to read! Oh well. I sure hope it doesn't!
Also, most successful bloggers say to have a theme for your blog. Not, of course, that I only care about getting followers! Believe me, I blog for myself, but would like to have my opinions heard! Anywho, I don't have a subject short of “here's a subject and here's what I think about it!” So tell me what you think about different things I try and what you'd like to hear more on! I'd sure love that. Also, I hope this Waltz isn't too girly. I mean, I would like guys to read it too! Guys, feel free to read and follow, I won't only talk about girly things!

Is this not the most conclusive chart for all people who watch movies ever? I'm definitely the attentive one. And it's right, don't watch Inception (best movie ever) with Easily Confused People!

One last thing to think on, actually, to look at! So cute and vintage!

There, that wasn't too girly of a post was it?


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