March 19, 2012

the beginning of spring break

I keep starting posts, but by the time I get back to finish them, they're out of date! darn it! I promise to write a whole post in one day this time.

*loud cheering* It's FINALLY spring break! Spring itself is so welcome to me, but having no school at the same time is like super-mega-awesome-double-win-forever! I did important things like clean my room this morning, but vegged all afternoon. I watched Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer (don't laugh at me! It looked cute!), a Brian Regan stand up comedy show, and AFV! Oh, and ate. I ate food while doing so.

Lest you think that I get pleasure from folding clothes and putting objects away, that's not really what I mean by "Cleaning my Room" (with capital letters). I just bought a new organizational set of drawers on wheels at Target, so today I was consolidating things to make the best use of space in my room! Why that makes me so happy I'll never know. Just you wait, I'll go to college and have to room with a slob, it's in my future! But I do have practice from my little sister whom I share a room with.

I got some new clothes the other day! I finally got some overalls. I've been meaning to for forever, almost. I'm going to wear them out. I also got some shortalls, which are overalls with half of the pants missing, just to explain. I'm about to get saddle oxfords for Bye Bye Birdie, but also for me to have and wear in general. A few tshirts rounded out the new addition to my wardrobe.

I haven't been reading much lately. Not that I haven't wanted to, but I've just been too busy! I did just finish The Pilgrim's Regress by C.S. Lewis and 1984 by Orwell. Wow. They both blew my mind, but in totally different ways. As you can see on my sidebar, I'm behind on my 2012 challenge, but I'll catch up. Maybe when I go to California or Colorado... Yes I am! And I am pumped! I'll take a few pictures for ya! I'll probably take Pete and then have a post of all of his adventures. CO is for the family vacation, and CA is the destination of me and my big sister to visit some friends.

I think that there's nothing like working. My family members are laughing at me. What I meant, of course, was working somewhere for PAY! duh. It's so rewarding to work hard and put yourself into something, then to go to the bank. You know, God gave Adam work to do before the Curse. Work must be good for us, because it is not a result of sin. Most people don't think of that, or conveniently forget it, although, I will be the first to say that it's not always fun.

I wish my computer wouldn't be so slow. I really can't ever get online. *tear of sadness* I'm considering breaking down and getting a tablet. *looks away guiltily* I don't have anything particularly against them, but I ahvne't seen the need for one until now. But I don't really have a need; I could just buy a new computer. heh heh yeah! Just kidding, I can't! My computer works well enough for non-interweb related things, but I kind of like the internet, you know? Like, wouldn't want to live without it!! Okay, I'm fine. Well, I sure am not thinking of getting Apple, with all it's bling and... this just in! It can't really do anything? Oh, that.
I'm thinking more along the lines of a Kindle Fire. I need to do some research, because I would like an ereader, but one that was also a tablet so I could watch movies, update my blog, listen to music, and play games. Do you have a tablet? What do you think of it?

I'm off to feed fish, and go eat dinner!

See ya in the movies, or on stage, whichever comes first!

PS So super excited about THG premier!


  1. i'm on srping break myself for college. i have homework 2 do that sucks but its pretty easy. :)

  2. Where'd you get overalls?? I've been looking for some for years (ever since I grew out of my old ones) Did you see the hunger games in theaters??

    1. I got the overalls at a consignment sale, which is the best and only way to find them!
      Yes, I did! I wanted to go with your sister as well, but that didn't work out, despite the phone tag! :(

  3. *giggles of joy* Love to have you back! I'm hoping for allot of pictures to be posted [hint, hint] Can't wait! So happy(more like jealous) for you!!;)
    No Internet! What? How DO you live?;)

    holt5 <3 (@)

  4. Yes, you look so cute in overalls! You are so classic! ;) Keep up your unique style!

    1. Have you even seen them on me yet? hmm. *waves compliment away while blushing* Oh, stop it! But really, thanks, I try!

    2. Haha. I did! Shoe shopping? Remember?

      Btw, I ended up getting this adorable pair of mustard yellow wedges. I can't say they are the most comfortable things I've ever worn. But, they go with everything! ;)


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