March 1, 2012

day of jumping

Sorry it's been so long! Well, it's (was) leap day, hence the stupid post title, and I still haven't done anything spectacular. Yesterday is a different story. Yesterday I started a new job, babysitting each week, at 8 in the morning. Had to go to rehearsal at 1 'til 4 after that. Don't get me wrong, it was a great day, but I did come home with sore muscles!
Have you danced for three hours straight? It's a little tough. We had learned the choreography for two songs, but nobody really understood it. They needed polishing, and everyone needed a pep talk, which one of the girls, the one that plays Kim, gave willingly! She should be a football coach.
Anyway, I'm super excited about Bye Bye Birdie! To all IRL friends: You better come see me and scream for me when I take my bows!
I think I have senior-itis. Schools not too hard anymore, but takes forever! The weather is so nice that I don't wanna be anywhere but outside. I'm finally being accepted at Comm. Central and rehearsals. Maybe all of this seems disjointed, but I promise that it's all related! See? The weather's so nice that I don't wanna do school, and school's easier, which lets me focus on friendships and stuff. Whatever.

I watched the new Pride and Prejudice again! I watched it before I read the book, with a girl who didn't like it and pointed out its flaws. I read the book, then watched the 1995 version, with Colin Firth, and loved it! In my mind, that was the only real P&P. But the two are so different. I recently watched the 2005 version again, with a mind to like it, and enjoyed it very much. The whole film is just beautiful; I guess it's the cinematography. I still don't think that Keira Knightley can do Elizabeth justice, but I sure don't mind Matthew Macfadyen! I believe that I will always prefer the old one, because of its extra length and ability, for that reason, to delve deeper into the book, but might be watching the new one more frequently when I don't have 5 (or however many) hours.

So excited! I already have my ticket to the midnight showing!



  1. w00t w00t! I can't wait for it!!!

    Btw, great to have you back! ;)

  2. You already have a ticket to the Hunger Games movie?? No fair!! :)


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