January 20, 2012

in which the book lover in me squeals with delight

I got on Goodreads! I love it. Not just like, love.

Pages and (internet) pages of books await me!

I rated all the books that I have read (no, not all of them), and am currently in the process of moving my to-read spreadsheet over to teh interwebz!

Of course, I'm billyBobjoe on there, but I think it messed up and shows me as "Billybobjoe", which you should all know, is NOT how I spell my name. I just wanted to clear that up before I get bombarded with, "That's not how you said to spell your name!"

Abanyhoo, if you like to read in the slightest, you should get on there! If you don't....start liking to. It'll change your life. If you are on there, make me one of your friends!

I just finished The Hunger Games, which are amazing! I honestly don't like the writing style, but the story is great. The way that the author describes those characters that you need to know is interesting. I love the way that symbolism is used. If you are planning to read them soon, look for fire, and the mockingjay symbols. Those should seem obvious, because of the titles, but they come in the story in different types of ways. Full reviews on each to come....hopefully.

I'm off to study!


  1. I love reading!! I'm defiantly going to have to go to that website! Is the website goodreads.com?

  2. I know! I've learned to love books more and more ever since my new Kindle!!

    Holt5 <3 (@)


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