January 30, 2012

A yummy looking award...

I have been awarded The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award! Haha, I must have all of you fooled!

Just kidding, I'm a relatively sweet person in person. What?

I have to list 7 random things about me, then give it to other peeps, so here goes.

1. I like carousel horses.

2. I own a baseball that might have been a homerun in a Cardinal's game.

3. I have a large hope chest. Actually, the chest that it is in right now is not very big at all; it only fits a part of all the things that will be in my future home!

4. I have OCD
Not that OCD is a real, physical ailment, but I do have whatever it is that makes me want to organize everything and have everything around me perfectly straight!

5. I love milk and drink it ALL the time. Santa would be proud. Wait, doesn't Santa like milk?

6. I have a pink, stuffed pig.
Yep, that's Peter the Pink Pig. I just call him Pete. I've had this little dude for forever! He's goes on all my adventures with me! And vacations. That picture below was actually the very first picture that I took with my camera. That's random.

7. I own many vintage Disney posters, a vintage Candy Land game box cover, and a black light bulb from the 70s that was my daddy's!

Now then, you didn't know any of those did you?

I give this to Bre, Taylor, Kirsten, and Adelyn. And anyone else who wants it!


  1. May I just say, I LOVE PIGS!!! I also find that random fact quite interesting!

    And hoorah for your amazingly sweet blog depicting the life of an amazingly sweet person who is asweet in person in person! Yeah, er, uh, right!


  2. That home run baseball is cool! :) I have a collection of autographs and baseball cards.


  3. Thanks for the award!! Ironically, this is the second time in just a few days I've been given this award...I'm honored!! <3

    Pete is adorable; he reminds me of my froggy blog mascot, Lucie. I bought her last year, and I'd like to bring her on vacation sometime and take photos of her to post on my blog... O.o I think that'd be fun. :)

    And actually, I think severe OCD is considered a medical (albeit mental) illness. When I was a kid I was probably on my way to developing it...now I'm just really neat and organized, though. :)

  4. @M Of COURSE you like pigs! *wink*

    Thanks so much, dearie!

  5. @James - thanks, I think so too!

    Yeah, I'm just waiting for some old relative of mine that I've never known to die and leave me tons of old stuff, complete with a box of baseball cards! I just think that that would be prefect. I'll let you know when it occurs!

  6. @Taylor - Aww, thanks! Pete says, "Hi!" btw.

    Maybe OCD is when severe, but I know for certain that I don't have it that badly! I just like everything to be organized too.

    1. Same with me...I love things to be neat and clean. Makes cleaning up the kitchen almost fun sometimes, haha!! ;)

  7. Wow! We have to get past 6 comments. Just sayin'!

    But I do love your sweet blog! Keep it up!



  8. Hmm....I MUST have a horrible case of OCD. *wink*

    Holt5 <3 (@)

  9. Yes, it does! Especially organizing the silver ware... Lol!


  10. Hmm, wow! I only knew about your pig! (which by the way, is adorable! I love pigs!)Haha and I also love carousal horses :)Thanks for the list! :)

  11. Hey bbj!! This is boo...yes, I got permission to post this. *sigh of relief*

    I knew everything you listed except for the carousel horses! I will try hard to keep up with your blog, but no promises. ;)


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