January 13, 2012

chutes and ladders and summers

So, yes I was reading a book instead of doing history the other day. Ride the slide back down to square number four.

And, yes I was listening to Michael Buble while doing logic homework. Wait, that good! Go up to square number ninety-seven. Yes, go up that far!

All this to say that I'm back in school and liking MB a lot! In other news:

I met two girls who are twins and really cool the other day, so I've been texting them to get to know them! I have a lot in common with both of them and hope they join our church!

So, you see? The world is out to get me, and get me not to do my homework! Dastardly plan, no? Oh wait, now I'm writing a post....never mind, I need to!

Does that happen to you? Of course it does! Now I feel better!

I really want summer to come! I'm sick of winter already. I'm glad that I didn't have to live in Narnia when the White Witch was ruling, because "all winter and no Christmas" would have sucked. People are made to desire change, especially for the different seasons, but I have it BAD! (I intentionally used an adverb and left off the -ly!) Spring is the best time of year, followed closely by summer, and I can't wait.

We moved a year ago, and our new house has this great tree in the front that I read under ALL THE TIME in summer. Actually, I read, write, and think under it, but only when the creeper neighbors aren't out. o_0 Literally, in summer, I am outside more than inside. The Great Outdoors becomes my home, and I walk out the front door and onto the lawn like I was walking out of my room and into the hall.

I don't have any big plans, but that's the joy of summer, no? I just want to watch the few clouds on my back with my aviators on. *sigh* Classic.

I hope I didn't make you too discontented! If you go do the homework that you are avoiding, I'll do mine. Deal? Okay, fine.



  1. Ahh! Summer! It cannot come soon enough for me! I'm actually ordering seeds right now, which is the most enjoyable thing ever. It is even better than shopping for accesories. All those yummy looking vegetables... Yay!


  2. Awesome blog posts!! Thou maketh me smile abundantly.


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