January 24, 2012

On the town!

Saturday was fun! That's all I can say. Actually, I can, and will, say a lot more!

An outing was planned. That's all I knew. Well, I did know that it would include friends and food, but that's all.
Me, M, and J

I got up super early and got ready for the day, even though I had gotten in bed really late the night before and was therefore tired. My bed was literally calling my name, wanting me to crawl back in, but I stuffed cotton in my ears (figuratively) and did not heed the siren call. Did you notice how dramatic that was? Anyway, I got decent in time for M's family to pick me up and take me to the place of "dropping other kids off and picking another friend up". That's the official name of the place.

We went downtown and drove around while deciding what to do first. First, we went to a bakery for breakfast. I am omitting names to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent, referring to my friends and I!
I don't believe in staged pictures!

I, like the tightwad that I am, bought a pastry, and only a pastry. Of course I did mooch off of M and J's food too. (Those are the initials that I am using to refer to M and J...what?) We talked there for a while, then walked to the Main Library, which I had never been in, taking pictures all the way on M's camera.
This is the "Manhole" dance.

We immediately walked/rode the elevator up to Level 4, which is the all-teen level, which had been redecorated a couple of months before. The place was amazing...

...and had this display outside! Me gusta.
Me being a typical teenager...

The books were all cool, but the decor was even better! It didn't seem to me to be too "let's get teens to hang out at the library because it looks all hip and stuff", but did end up really groovy. Yeah, I said groovy, deal with it!

There were lots of computers, pillows by the window on which you could read, and orange chairs with swivel desks on them.

Can you see the wavy, purple table with silver ottomans?
Lovely M

The lovely J
There was a big tv room where they have movie showings, and the seats were these big, round, yellow, rocking chairs! Adjectives! Too bad I didn't get a picture of them, so you could've seen how perfect my description was. Anyway, it was much too fun of a place to be quiet, but we were...mostly.

Then there was the section with vending machines, booths, and a popcorn maker. There was also a toaster, but I can't imagine what that was for. The tables had bottletop surfaces and upsidedown cups as seats.

Best of all, in my humble opinion, were these cool, green chairs that are really hard to describe!

M obviously doesn't have a care in the world.

Can you see what I mean? There is a frame, from which a stretchy, meshy fabric is stretched taut, and you just kind of sink into it! I want one. So. Stinking. Badly! I'm honestly thinking of having my birthday party there! No, I'm not too old!

Next, we took some more pictures and walked over to Ten Thousand Villiages. I didn't know what it was, which was probably a good thing, seeing as things like that usually make me sick. You know, the sob stories about random things being made by African women to keep their families alive! and stuff. Anyway, that's practically what it was, but I really liked it! Everything there was really cool and almost everything was something that I wouldn't mind having in a future home! The prices weren't outrageous either. I came home with a hackey sack from Guatemala, but could've bought the one-person hammock, the pretty, encouraging word stones, the cute figurines, the set of dice, or any manner of thing if I had had enough dough to spend! I have to go back. (I really have no earthly idea why the font changed! Maybe it was just bored?)

Aren't we cool? We didn't even plan these poses!

We went a few other places and hung out a bit more while waiting for everyone to get their kids in their cars and such. The family that I was with forgot about me going home and took me to lunch, which I didn't have a problem with! I had Thai food for the first time. I even ended up getting home on time.


  1. I just showed this to my mom and she loved it! She got a kick out of those *dreadful* people who forgot all about you! We agreed it must be because you fit in so well with our, uh, I mean, their family!

  2. Cool!! I have nearly done the SAME thing with my friends before! (going down town at least.) Tooooooo much fun!!! I also like going around malls with friends! (specially when your literately on your own, but even more when you've saved up for months just for that reason and then go spend it all!!! (of course we only get things we need right?*wink*)

    Holt5 <3 (@)


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